How old is Aki in real life?

How old is Aki in real life?

Chinedu Ikedieze is a Nollywood actor and comedian, who is widely known for playing the role of Aki in the movie Aki na Ukwa. He is now 40 years old and was born on 12 December 1977 in Bende, Abia, Nigeria.

What is Aki real name?

Osita Iheme, MFR (born 20 February 1982) is a Nigerian actor. He is widely known for playing the role of Pawpaw in the film Aki na Ukwa alongside Chinedu Ikedieze….Osita Iheme.

Osita Iheme MFR
Spouse(s) Noma

Did Aki have wife?

Nneoma IkediezeChinedu Ikedieze / Wife (m. 2011)

Does Aki have a child?

Renowned Nollywood actor, Chinedu Ikedieze, popularly known as Aki, has been blessed with a child. The diminutive actor took to his Instagram page @chineduikedieze to make the announcement, although he did not disclose the sex of the child. With a photo attachment of the baby, he wrote: “UNTO US A CHILD IS BORN.”

Is Mr Ibu ill?

The 60-year-old comic veteran made this known on Wednesday in an exclusive interview with PREMIUM TIMES. Mr Ibu, who was ill in the past weeks and received treatment at Zenith Medical and Kidney Centre Abuja, has fully recovered and was discharged from the hospital. He has currently returned to his job, acting.

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