How old is Amrita Rai?

How old is Amrita Rai?

About 50 years (1972)Amrita Rai / Age

Who is the wife of Digvijay Singh?

Amrita Raim. 2015
Rani Asha Kumarim. 1969–2013
Digvijaya Singh/Wife

Where is Amrita Rai now?

She is the senior anchor at Rajya Sabha TV.

Who is the father of Amrita Rao?

Deepak RaoAmrita Rao / Father

Is Nidhi Razdan married?

Neelesh MisraNidhi Razdan / Spouse (m. 2005–2007)

Where is Nidhi Razdan right now?

Journalist Nidhi Razdan is back on NDTV. On Monday, Razdan took to Twitter to make the announcement.

Did Digvijay Singh marry Amrita Rai in August?

As per some reports, 68-year-old Congress general secretary and 44-year-old Amrita are currently in the US. Meanwhile, some reports claim that the wedding was held in August. Digvijay had in April last year accepted his relationship with Rai. “I have no hesitation in accepting my relationship with Amrita Rai.

Who is Digvijay Singh’s wife?

Amrita Rai confirms marriage with Digvijay Singh, says ‘want him to give his property to his children’. Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh has tied the knot with TV journalist Amrita Rai in Tamil Nadu.

Who is Amrita Rai’s husband?

Journalist Amrita Rai on Sunday announced that she got married to Congress leader Digvijaya Singh as per Hindu rites. “I would like to share with my friends that Digvijaya Singh and I have married in a solemn ceremony, as per Hindu rites. We have also later registered our marriage,” Ms. Rai said in a Facebook post.

Why do people think Amrita just want Digvijay Singh’s money?

This is so because of his political background and huge wealth many think Amrita just want it. From Asha, Digvijay Singh has five children. He has four daughters and one son. When his children learned about their father’s relationship with a younger lady, they disagreed to it.