How old is Emma in mgs2?

How old is Emma in mgs2?

8 Emma Emmerich Even after her death, her virus is integral in impeding the GW A.I, if only for a little bit. Her height is unknown, but she’s quite shorter than everyone else she’s around, so she’s probably around the lower end of 5 feet tall. Born in 1991, the computer genius is barely 18 at the time of her death.

Are Otacon and Emma related?

Emma Emmerich-Danziger, nicknamed E.E., was a computer engineer specializing in artificial intelligence and complex logic, and the creator of the neural-AI GW of Arsenal Gear. She was the stepsister of Hal “Otacon” Emmerich.

Is Huey Emmerich a traitor?

Huey showed no remorse for his actions of betraying his country, MSF, XOF and Diamond Dogs, always denying his involvement and claiming he was an innocent victim, despite the mountain of evidence against him.

Who is Emma Emmerich mother?

Julie Danziger
Julie Danziger was the mother of Emma Emmerich-Danziger. She was originally from England. Her marriage to Emma’s father ended during her daughter’s childhood. Danziger eventually remarried, becoming the wife of American scientist Huey Emmerich and stepmother to his son Hal.

Who is the real villain in Metal Gear?

Overview. Big Boss was originally depicted in Metal Gear as the leader of FOXHOUND, and the commander of Solid Snake, before revealing he was actually also the leader of Outer Heaven, and the game’s main antagonist. (It would later be revealed the final boss of the game was actually his “phantom”, Venom Snake.)

Does Meryl still love Snake?

Mantis detected that Snake had a large, growing place in Meryl’s heart and Liquid suggested that Meryl had indeed fallen in love with Snake before the final battle.

Which Metal Gear game has Emma’s sea lice?

Forgive me, Emma… ^ Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Konami Computer Entertainment Japan (2001). Raiden: Emma’s terrified of the sea lice. She won’t move.

Why did Emma leak information about Metal Gear RAY?

In 2007, Emma leaked information about Metal Gear RAY to Philanthropy, of which Hal was a member, using the name E.E. It was also suspected that she may have leaked it to frame her brother for the subsequent Tanker Incident, as part of her grudge against him.

What is the difference between MGS2 and MGS3?

MGS2 was meant to be called Metal Gear Solid III: Instead of proceeding on to MGS2, as one might expect, we are making MGS3. The question in peoples’ minds, ‘Why is it 3 and not 2?’ In the previous game, only 4 to 5 enemies could be shown on-screen at a time.

What happened to the American flag in MGS2?

At the point where Solidus dies, Raiden was supposed to have cut the rope on Federal Hall’s flagpole, causing an American flag to fall over Solidus’ body, and American flags which were supposed to be on all the flagpoles in New York were removed from the title. Some pictures of Snake in an early prototype for MGS2, showed a Cell Shaded graphic.