Is a 2006 WRX reliable?

Is a 2006 WRX reliable?

I recommend this car very much for harsh conditions such as hard rain, snow, etc. And does pretty good in both commuting and having fun, it has its own car issues as any other car but still is very reliable. Rating breakdown (out of 5):

What makes the WRX unreliable?

Below are a few of the most common problems with the Subaru WRX and WRX STI: Engine internals. Turbo failure. Oil leaks.

What are the worst years for Subaru WRX?

Here’s how every Subaru STI model ranks, starting with the worst.

  • 2 2017-2021 4th Generation.
  • 3 2006-2007 Redesign ‘Hawk Eye’
  • 4 2004-2005 ‘Blob Eye’
  • 5 2022-Present 5th Generation.
  • 6 2000-2002 ‘Bugeye’
  • 7 2009-2014 3rd Generation.
  • 8 2015 & 2016 WRX STI.
  • 9 2008 WRX STI.

Are there any problems with the WRX engine?

However, it’s rarely a problem on completely stock engines. WRX internal engine problems are more likely to occur when tuned and modded. A few known weak points include: These issues appear most common on the 2004+ EJ255, EJ257, and FA20 engines. There have even been some lawsuits regarding internal engine issues on these engines.

Why does my Subaru WRX have misfires?

Finally, newer direct injection (DI) Subaru engines can have misfires due to excess carbon build-up. Carbon build-up usually isn’t a problem on the WRX until close to 100,000 miles.

What are some of the Subaru WRX blower motor problems?

If there is no air flow or reduced air flow from the vents on your Subaru WRX, bad blower motor could be the culprit. A worn out or weakened blower motor can also produce abnormal sounds when in operation. You cannot repair a broken blower motor, the part must be replaced with a new one.

Do all Subaru WRX have oil leaks?

Most Subaru WRX & STI models will run into an oil leak at some point in their lives. A few common areas where leaks may occur include: None of these are super common issues on any of the Subaru WRX engines. However, gaskets are subject to wear and tear over time.