Is Das Boot real?

Is Das Boot real?

Originally released in 1981, the film Das Boot is based on the true story of a German Submarine and its crew during World War II…a chillingly detailed look at the rigors of war in a U-boat.

Is Das Boot worth watching?

Submarine warfare is cramped, dirty, and dangerous even without enemy attacks, and Das Boot brings all the tension and frustrations to gritty life. It feels like just another perfectly good series: a solid piece of story-telling that belongs in the category of ‘well worth watching’ rather than of ‘unmissable’.

Is the U-boat in Das Boot real?

It shows the life of the crew aboard the boat as regular individuals as well as patriots with a desire to do the best for both their comrades and the country. The screenplay was inspired in part by exploits of the real life U-96, a Type VIIC-class U-boat. Development work on Das Boot started in 1979.

Why do submariners eat lemons?

Sailors who ate the ship’s rats were inadvertently protecting themselves – as the animal synthesizes its own vitamin C. Citrus fruit – another source of vitamin C – had already been suggested as a cure by some.

How did Das Boot end?

After the raid, Werner leaves the U-boat bunker in which he had taken shelter and finds the captain, badly injured by shrapnel, watching his U-boat sink in the dock. Just after the boat disappears under the water, the captain collapses and dies.

Is Das Boot the longest movie?

When “Das Boot” was first released in the United States, it ran 145 minutes and won huge audiences and no less than six Oscar nominations–unheard of for a foreign film. This 1997 release of Wolfgang Petersen’s director’s cut, is not a minor readjustment but a substantially longer film, running 210 minutes.

Did a submarine ever sink another submarine?

German submarine U-864 was a Type IXD2 U-boat of Nazi Germany’s Kriegsmarine in World War II. On 9 February 1945 it became the only submarine in history to be sunk by an enemy submarine while both were submerged.