Is it worth driving from Auckland to Wellington?

Is it worth driving from Auckland to Wellington?

Auckland New Zealand greets nearly 4 million visitors annually. Some stay in the city, but more come to explore the lush green countryside. An Auckland to Wellington drive is the best way to discover many of the New Zealand North Island attractions and a few secrets.

Where should I stop between Wellington and Auckland?

The top cities between Wellington and Auckland are Rotorua, Taupo, Hamilton, and Tongariro National Park. Rotorua is the most popular city on the route — it’s 6 hours from Wellington and 3 hours from Auckland.

Can you drive from Auckland to Wellington without stopping?

Non-stop, the Auckland to Wellington drive takes about eight hours. But no one wants to be cooped up in the car for that long. Instead, spread it out over a week with a self-drive road trip from the top to the bottom of the North Island.

Is Wellington worth visiting?

From the world’s best coffee, to scenic views which will blow your mind, a unique and cozy bar scene, and accessibility to both the North and South Islands, Wellington is one of those city’s you really shouldn’t miss.

How long is train from Auckland to Wellington?

When completed, the new railway reduced the Auckland to Wellington journey from 3 days of train, stagecoach or steamer then train, to just 14 hours by direct train.

Is Wellington close to Auckland?

Auckland and Wellington are at opposite ends of New Zealand’s North Island, about 400 miles (640 kilometers) apart. Getting between the two major cities is very straightforward, and there are many options.

What is halfway between Auckland and Wellington?

At the southern end of Lake Taupo and in the heart of New Zealand’s North Island, Ruapehu is halfway between Auckland and Wellington, just a 4-hour drive from either city. The Ruapehu region is defined by the three volcanoes that stand sentinel over a landscape of tussocked desert, rivers, lakes and native forest.

How much is the train from Wellington to Auckland?

The best way to get from Wellington to Auckland without a car is to train which takes 10h 55m and costs $85 – $120.

Is Wellington New Zealand boring?

Our capital city rates four out of five stars in the boredom rankings, making it the equal of Adamstown on Pitcairn Island (where the “most likely cause of death is declining a marriage proposal”) and Sofia in Bulgaria (renowned for “buildings so ugly that even the Nazis couldn’t be bothered to raze them to the ground” …

How much does it cost to train from Wellington to Auckland?