Is Jason Bourne based on a book?

Is Jason Bourne based on a book?

Bourne are a series of three novels by Robert Ludlum based on the fictional spy Jason Bourne. The series has since been further extended by Eric Van Lustbader after the death of Robert Ludlum.

Who wrote The Bourne Identity books?

Robert LudlumThe Bourne Identity / AuthorRobert Ludlum was an American author of 27 thriller novels, best known as the creator of Jason Bourne from the original The Bourne Trilogy series. The number of copies of his books in print is estimated between 300 million and 500 million. They have been published in 33 languages and 40 countries. Wikipedia

What order should I read Robert Ludlum books?

Robert Ludlum’s The Hades Factor: A Covert-One Novel. Robert Ludlum.

  • Robert Ludlum’s The Cassandra Compact: A Covert-One Novel.
  • Robert Ludlum’s (TM) The Arctic Event (A Covert-One novel Book 7)
  • Robert Ludlum’s (TM) The Bourne Ascendancy (Jason Bourne series Book 12)
  • Robert Ludlum’s The Paris Option: A Covert-One Novel.
  • Is The Bourne Identity worth reading?

    A compelling read, but a different story, with less of the high pitched action of the recent films. An older ‘Bourne Identity’, filmed with Richard Chamberlin and Jaclyn Smith, follows the book more closely. No reason that you can’t appreciate both; just don’t expect them to be the same.

    Who writes like Robert Ludlum?

    If You Like Robert Ludlum…

    • Rough Justice by Jack Higgins. Spy Fiction.
    • Last Snow by Eric Lustbader. Suspense Fiction.
    • Agent 6 by Tom Rob Smith. Thriller.

    How good are the Jason Bourne books?

    The pacing of the novel was great. Not only is the action great, but the entire novel great. I’ve read novels where there was great action but the overall novel sucked, this book most definitely stands out as one of the best. So much better than ‘The Treadstone Resurrection’ which I thought killed the Bourne franchise.