Is methoxyisoflavone a steroid?

Is methoxyisoflavone a steroid?

Methoxyisoflavone is marketed as an anabolic steroid, said to increase muscle mass without causing androgenic (testosterone-like) effects.

Is methoxyisoflavone natural?

Introduction. Methoxyisoflavone is a compound that is not found naturally but can be made using soy products. It has been used to boost strength and muscle mass.

How much Ecdysterone should I take?

between 500mg to 1000mg per day
How much Ecdysterone should you take? For optimal results, it’s said you must take between 500mg to 1000mg per day.

What does methoxyisoflavone do?

5-methyl-7-methoxy-isoflavone is believed to play a role in increased protein synthesis and muscle accretion. They are also believed to reduce body fat, lower cholesterol levels, promote endurance, increase vitality, and the body’s ability to use oxygen.

Will ecdysterone fail a drug test?

Ecdysterone was the most abundant analyte present in post-administration urine samples, detected for more than 2 days, with a maximum concentra- tion (Cmax) in the 2.8–8.5 h urine (Cmax = 4.4–30.0 µg/mL).

Does beta ecdysterone increase testosterone?

Ecdysterone is similar in structure to the male hormone testosterone, but there’s no evidence that it works like testosterone in people.

What is Bulbine Natalensis?

Bulbine natalensis is a succulent plant that grows in parts of South Africa. The root, leaf, and stem are used as medicine. Bulbine natalensis stem is taken by mouth to boost testosterone, increase muscle mass, to increase sexual stamina, as an aphrodisiac, and to improve fertility.

Does ecdysterone really work?

Ecdysterone is a supplement that has lots of potential to become one of the new best muscle builders on the market. Multiple studies have concluded that it has a high anabolic potency and even showed to increase muscle mass and strength in humans.

Should I cycle ecdysterone?

You should take your Ecdysterone with high protein meals after you workout, and before you go do bed for best results. Just like any other supplement though you must cycle it.

Is ecdysterone illegal?

Parr emphasized that ecdysterone can currently be bought legally as a dietary supplement. Co-author Francesco Botrè, director of the Italian anti-doping agency (FMSI), told CNN that the team are now investigating ways to test for ecdysterone.

Why is ecdysterone banned?

Scientists at the Freie Universität Berlin have recently recommended that ecdysterone, a chemical found in spinach, should be added to the World Anti-Doping Authority’s (WADA) list of banned substances because of its potentially steroid-like effects.

What is methoxyisoflavone?

Although there may be a great deal of investigation that needs to be performed, the details thus far show that Methoxyisoflavone is a powerful and effective and favorable health supplement. Methoxy is an excellent health supplement for developing lean muscles. Nevertheless, it functions only once taken with a high-quality protein supplement.

Is methoxyisoflavone the best legitimate anabolic supplement?

The fact is, Methoxyisoflavone is undoubtedly the best potent legitimate anabolic compound ever-with absolutely no adverse reactions. Methoxyisoflavone functions effectively on its own. Nevertheless, if you are interested in maximizing your benefits, considering loading Methoxyisoflavone with healthy proteins.

Can methoxyisoflavone help you build muscle and lose fat?

New research reveals that incorporating Methoxyisoflavone with a balanced diet as well as a standard workout course may help you develop muscle while at the same time getting rid of unwanted fat.

Is 5-methyl-7-methoxy-isoflavone safe to take?

The suggested dosage of 5-methyl-7-methoxy-isoflavone to date is between 400mg to 800mg consumed in a separate measure two times during the day (200mg – 400mg two times daily). Methoxyisoflavone is believed to be safe for regular use. Hardly any undesirable adverse reactions of the health supplement have been documented.