Is Rode NT1 discontinued?

Is Rode NT1 discontinued?

Rode NT1 Condenser Microphone Cardioid (Discontinued)

Is the NT1 better than AT2020?

I like its design better than the AT2020, it is also a fixed cardioid condenser, and it will need an XLR cable to connect….Rode NT1-A Studio Microphone.

Feature Rode NT1-A AT2020
Sensitivity -32dB -37dB
Type Condenser Condenser
Polar Pattern Cardioid Cardioid
Max SPL 137dB 140dB

Is Rode NT1-A worth it?

The Rode NT1-A is still a best seller for a reason. If you’re looking for a good condenser mic to record vocals, this is a good choice whether you’re upgrading to your first XLR microphone or replacing an old one in your studio.

What is the difference between Rode NT1-A and Rode NT1?

Basically, the Rode NT1 has a much flatter sound than the NT1-A because of the flatter frequency response. It doesn’t feature as much of a high-end boost, which is what gives the NT1-A its distinct characteristic.

Does the Rode NT1 need phantom power?

Yes phantom power is required for any condenser microphone, including the Rode nt1a, the Rode nt1 and the Audio Technica AT2020, in order for them to function correctly.

Which MIC is better than rode nt1a?

The AKG p220 and Rode nt1a are both quality condenser microphones at this price point. If you are looking to use the microphone primarily for vocals, then the Rode nt1a is the better option, however, if you are looking to use it to record acoustic guitars or guitar amps the AKGp220 performs slightly better.

Which is better Rode NT1 or NT1 A?

Pound for pound, the NT1 is objectively the better microphone. It might not be able to handle the same SPL levels as the NT1A, but 132dB SPL is still way more than you’ll ever need, and with a more natural, transparent response, and lower self-noise, the NT1 is a better option for most studio applications.

Is the Rode NT1 good for podcasting?

It’s one of those mics you’ll find just about anywhere, in music, radio, and voice over studios around the world. Not only that, but it’s fast becoming a top choice for podcasters looking to start recording with their first condenser mic.