Is Sierra Leone a safe country?

Is Sierra Leone a safe country?

Most crimes against U.S. travelers in Sierra Leone are opportunistic and non-violent, though violent crime remains a concern. Pickpocketing and petty theft are the most common types of non-violent crime affecting Westerners. As in many countries, expatriates are the targets of petty crime due to their perceived wealth.

Is Sierra Leone at peace?

At one stage, despite being only around the same size as Ireland, the country hosted the world’s largest UN peacekeeping mission, with 18,000 blue berets in place. Today, the country is at peace.

What is the standard of living in Sierra Leone?


Monthly rent for 85 m2 (900 sqft) furnished accommodation in expensive area Leone
Monthly rent for 85 m2 (900 sqft) furnished accommodation in normal area Leone
Utilities 1 month (heating, electricity, gas …) for 2 people in 85m2 flat 2,550,000 Leone

What is the national animal of Sierra Leone?


What is wrong with Sierra Leone?

Pollutants and poor sanitation are attributed to some of the health problems in the country. Sierra Leone is one of the toughest countries to survive in. The average life expectancy for a Sierra Leonean is only 56 years. Poor sanitation generates high risk of hepatitis A and Typhoid fever.

What language do Sierra Leone speak?


Is Sierra Leone a poor or rich country?

Sierra Leone remains among the world’s poorest countries, ranking 180th out of 187 countries in the Human Development Index in 2011. Decades of economic decline and 11 years of armed conflict had dramatic consequences on the economy.

Is Sierra Leone still at war?

With help from United Nations forces, British troops, and Guinean air support, the Sierra Leone Army finally defeated the RUF before they could take control of Freetown. On January 18, 2002, newly installed President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah declared the Sierra Leone Civil War had finally ended.

How much does a bag of rice cost in Sierra Leone?

To make matters worse, food prices are rising steeply, from $37.50 to $45.40 for a 110lb bag of rice.

Who is the money man in Sierra Leone?

Born and raised in Makeni in northern Sierra Leone, Koroma spent more than 24 years working in the private insurance industry before entering politics in 2002….

Ernest Bai Koroma
Political party All People’s Congress
Spouse(s) Sia Koroma ​ ( m. 1986)​
Children Alice Dankay
Residence Makeni, Sierra Leone

Why is it called Sierra Leone?

Sierra Leone, country of western Africa. The country owes its name to the 15th-century Portuguese explorer Pedro de Sintra, the first European to sight and map Freetown harbour. The original Portuguese name, Serra Lyoa (“Lion Mountains”), referred to the range of hills that surrounds the harbour.

Which ethnic group is the largest in Sierra Leone?

Sierra Leone’s Ethnic Groups The largest of these is the Mende, found in the Southern and Eastern Provinces. Next to them in number is the Temne in the North. The third largest group is the Limba, also in the Northern Province, followed by the Kono in the Eastern Province.

Are there sharks in Sierra Leone?

Speaking from the available data only and not from first-hand experience, it seems that Sierra Leone is pretty safe when it comes to shark attacks. Sources often cite only a few attacks ever recorded (For instance here or here) mostly lying more than 100 years back.

How do I become a citizen of Sierra Leone?

BY NATURALIZATION: Sierra Leonean citizenship may be acquired upon fulfillment of the following conditions: Person has resided in the country for at least five years, has observed the laws, and has contributed to the development of the country. DUAL CITIZENSHIP: NOT RECOGNIZED.