Is the ParaPro test free?

Is the ParaPro test free?

Summary: Check out our free ParaPro practice tests below. The ParaPro was developed in order to assess the necessary skills needed in order to be successful in assisting with classroom instruction, including: Reading. Writing….ParaPro Assessment Fees.

Item Fee
ParaPro Assessment Test Fee $55
Additional Score Report $50

Is the Praxis ParaPro test hard?

The Parapro itself is a bit easier than the questions in this book. My daughter used this and the book that ETS (Educational Testing Service) sells on their website and she got a 478 out of 480 on the test, and she was VERY rusty on math before she reviewed.

Is the ParaPro test the same as praxis?

The two tests measure different aspects of reading, writing and math content knowledge. The ParaPro Assessment specifically addresses the readiness of paraprofessionals to assist in content instruction. The Praxis ® Core tests specifically address the content-readiness of prospective teachers of record.

Is the ETS ParaPro test hard?

While the ParaPro test is not overly difficult, it includes some challenging questions. Be sure to do plenty of ParaPro test prep! You can start with our free paraprofessional practice test. Work through the questions carefully and then be sure to review the explanations in order to learn from your mistakes.

What is a passing score on ParaPro?

ParaPro Assessment

ParaPro Assessment Quick Facts
Test Content: Reading, Mathematics, Writing
Number of questions: 90 multiple-choice questions (30 from each content category)
Time to complete: 2 hours and 30 minutes
Passing score: Varies by state or district

What does a ParaPro test look like?

What is the format and length of the test? This two-and-a-half-hour test consists of 90 selected-response questions in reading, writing and math. Approximately two-thirds of the questions focus on basic skills and knowledge and the remaining one-third focus on applying those skills and knowledge in a classroom setting.

Can you use a calculator on the ParaPro test?

Unfortunately, no. You are not permitted to use a calculator. Don’t panic, though. The mathematics section of the ParaPro Assessment focuses more on basic knowledge of mathematical concepts rather than advanced.

How do I study for ParaPro assessment?

Tips for Taking the ParaPro Assessment

  1. FAMILIARIZE yourself with the test before taking it.
  2. READ the directions carefully.
  3. CONSIDER all answer choices before marking one.
  4. PACE your activities.
  5. GUESS rather than not respond at all.
  6. MARK your answers clearly, and give only one answer per question.

Can you retake the ParaPro test?

Test Retake Policy Whether you retake the test at home or at a test center, you cannot retake a ParaPro Assessment within 28 days of your test date. You must wait 28 days before taking the test again.

What is a perfect score on the ParaPro test?

The maximum score of test-takers in the Internet-based test ranges from 460 to 476 and in the paper test between 458 to 475.

Are there any free ParaPro practice tests?

Free ParaPro Practice Tests: Math, Reading & Writing To find out if you have what it takes to be a Paraprofessional, take our free ParaPro practice tests: reading, writing, and math. Browse Tests Log in Aptitude Tests Personality Tests Civil Service Exams Police & FBI Tests Tests By Employers Tests By Providers Tests By Professions Aptitude Tests

What is the Praxis® ParaPro assessment?

The test must demonstrate that the candidate has the knowledge and skills to assist in the classroom with reading, writing, and mathematics instruction. For many school districts, the chosen assessment test is the Praxis® ParaPro Assessment. The exam was developed and is administered by the testing company, Education Testing Services.

What is the ETS ParaPro test?

ParaPro Practice Test The ETS ParaPro Assessment is a certification exam that measures basic skills in math, reading, and writing. Many states require a paraprofessional certification in order to be a teaching assistant. Use our free ParaPro practice tests to prepare for your exam.

How do I prepare for the ParaPro exam?

Use our free ParaPro practice tests to prep for your exam. Just click on one of the topics below and your test will begin. The ParaPro Assessment measures the ability of paraeducators to use reading, writing, and math skills when assisting in the classroom.