What are club level seats at BB Center?

What are club level seats at BB Center?

The club seats at the BB Center consist of sections C1 through C35. The club level sections have between 3 and 8 rows of seats and always begin with row 1. Fans with seats on the club level will have access to the Big Easy Casino Jester’s Court which offers a casual bar and dining area.

What are club level seats at FLA Live Arena?

Club Seats – The Club Level at FLA Live Arena is a desirable ticket for any event due the elevated seat views. In addition to the great sight lines, the seats have… Corona Beach House – The premium Corona Beach House seats are located on the second seating tier also known as the Club Level at FLA Live Arena.

What is Club Lexus at BB?

Located in Sunrise, Florida, this high-end club and lounge overlooks the center of the arena in the BB Center. Its center ice layout provides preferred viewing space for guests during hockey games, concerts, and other events held at the arena.

What is Lord Stanley’s loft?

Lord Stanley’s Loft presented by Lagunitas provides “old time hockey” fans a space brimming with a nostalgic sports bar feel. Lord Stanley’s Loft overlooks all of the action on the ice while giving fans the opportunity to play Panther branded bubble hockey or enjoy the outside rooftop patio.

What are the best seats for a Florida Panthers game?

Much like any sporting venue, the best seats at the FLA Live Arena are center ice, sections 117-119, 101-102, and 134. Please keep in mind the plexiglass height. If you are interested in any of these sections, we recommend purchasing seats for rows 10 and above to avoid sitting behind the plexiglass.

What is club seating at a concert?

Club-level seating is normally bought on a contract basis to allow for maximum profit on the part of the venue. The club level provides fans with special access to an indoor part of the venue exclusive to fans with special tickets.

How cold is the Florida Panthers Arena?

Generally speaking, the ice will be about 25° and the air, for an inside game, will be somewhere between 50 and 60°.

Can you smoke at Fla live arena?

The FLA Live Arena is a smoke-free facility. Guests must utilize the designated smoking areas provided and refrain from smoking inside the venue.

How much is parking for Florida Panthers game?

Purchase your parking for 2021-22 Panthers games early and save! Parking will now be $25 in advance or $35 upon arrival to the game.

How do Club tickets work?