What are the 4 main brain regions?

What are the 4 main brain regions?

Rotate this 3D model to see the four major regions of the brain: the cerebrum, diencephalon, cerebellum, and brainstem. The brain directs our body’s internal functions. It also integrates sensory impulses and information to form perceptions, thoughts, and memories.

What are three main regions of the brain and their functions?

The brain has three main parts:

  • The cerebrum fills up most of your skull. It is involved in remembering, problem solving, thinking, and feeling.
  • The cerebellum sits at the back of your head, under the cerebrum. It controls coordination and balance.
  • The brain stem sits beneath your cerebrum in front of your cerebellum.

What is the right brain responsible for?

The right side of your brain is in charge of visual awareness, imagination, emotions, spatial abilities, face recognition, music awareness, 3D forms, interpreting social cues, and left-hand control.

What brain region is responsible for learning memory and personality?

The cerebellum functions in: learning, memory, and personality. the planning and coordination of movement.

What is the most amazing thing about the brain?

Discover just how powerful it is with these interesting facts.

  • Sixty percent of the human brain is made of fat.
  • Your brain isn’t fully formed until age 25.
  • Your brain’s storage capacity is considered virtually unlimited.
  • Brain information travels up to an impressive 268 miles per hour.

What are the 6 regions of the brain?

– Limbic system – the emotional brain controlling the experience of emotion and behavior – Reticular formation – mediates wakefulness and sleep – Basal nuclei – smooths out and coordinates skeletal muscle activity

What are the parts of the brain and their functions?

– Frontal lobe. The largest lobe of the brain, located in the front of the head, the frontal lobe is involved in personality characteristics, decision-making and movement. – Parietal lobe. – Occipital lobe. – Temporal lobe.

What are the three main areas of the brain?

Major Structures of the Brain. There are three main structures of the brain.

  • Functions of Major Structures of the Brain. The forebrain is an area of the brain that is primarily involved in higher order functions that include action and thinking.
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  • What are the regions of the human brain?

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