What does a Street 500 weigh?

What does a Street 500 weigh?

The Harley-Davidson Street 500 model is a Custom / cruiser bike manufactured by Harley-Davidson . In this version sold from year 2019 , the dry weight is 223.0 kg (491.6 pounds) and it is equipped with a V2, four-stroke motor.

How much is a Street 500 Harley?

2020 Harley-Davidson Street® 500 • $6,899.

Is a Street 500 a Sportster?

The Street 500 is a good bike. Yes, it wears the Harley-Davidson badge, and it is a V-Twin engine, but this is not a traditional Harley-Davidson. To get the traditional experience new riders should consider the Harley Davidson 883 Sportster.

How fast is a Harley Street 500?

Top Speed: 99 mph (Est.)

How much is a Harley Street 750?

Harley Davidson dealerships in the US and UK still have some Street 750 stock left over from 2020 and they are brand new bikes with prices starting from $7,599 and £6,195; the longer these hang around however, the more likely stock will start getting reduced pretty quickly.

How much does a Harley-Davidson 750 cost?

2020 Harley-Davidson Street® 750 • $8,049 You get the power of the 750cc Revolution X™ engine and the confidence and quick handling of a nimble chassis and dialed-in suspension.

Do they still make street 500?

The beginner-friendly Street 500 and 750 have been officially discontinued, putting an end to Harley’s small-and-medium-displacement era. The H-D Street 500 and 750 were first announced in 2013.

How much horsepower does a street 500 have?

53 hp
The Street 500 has a 494 cc engine with a smaller bore but is otherwise identical….Harley-Davidson Street.

Manufacturer Harley-Davidson
Bore / stroke Street 750: 3.35 in × 2.60 in (85.0 mm × 66.0 mm) Street 500: 2.72 in × 2.60 in (69.0 mm × 66.0 mm)
Compression ratio Street 750: 10.5:1
Power 53 hp (40 kW) (estimated) (Street 750)

Why did Harley stop making the Street 500?

Their demise is in part due to H-D wanting to streamline its operations and focus on its core products: large displacement cruisers. In addition, the Harley-Davidson factory in Bawal, India, which manufactures the Street line for the rest of the world, was shut down in September 2020.

Do they still make Street 500?

Is the Harley Street 500 good on the highway?

What’s it good for? Big open roads and long highway miles where you can throw it in a high gear and cruise along. As one of the heaviest bikes in the learner category, with one of the lowest power outputs, the Street 500 is more suited to cruising at a sedate pace than zipping around town on.

What is the APR for a 2015 Street™ xg500?

The APR may vary based on the applicant’s past credit performance and the term of the loan. For example, a 2015 Street™ XG500 motorcycle model in Vivid Black with a sale price of $6,799, no down payment and amount financed of $6,799, 72 month repayment term, and 5.49% APR results in monthly payments of $111.05.

Is the Harley-Davidson xg500 a good starter bike?

2016 Harley-Davidson Street 500 XG500, , A fantastic starter bike and what is used during the riding academy. This XG 500 Street is fantastic for tho…

How many miles does a 2015 Harley Davidson Street 500 have?

2015 HARLEY-DAVIDSON STREET 500 XG500, Used 2015 Harley Davidson Street 500 motorcycle for sale in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio with 1,277 Miles. This pre-own… Heads Up…

How many gears does a street 500 have?

The new Harley-Davidson Street™ 500 motorcycle gives you six gears to work with when you’re out tearing up the city streets. A smooth-shifting 6 speed transmission makes it easy to stay in the powerband when traffic is stop-and-go.