What does Christopher say about feelings?

What does Christopher say about feelings?

Christopher expresses his emotions in a limited way. He rarely narrates what he’s feeling in a given situation beyond being happy or being overwhelmed and confused. He expresses most negative emotions by groaning or hitting people.

What does Christopher say about honesty?

To Christopher, honesty has primacy. He depends on people telling him the truth to enable him to establish trust with them emotionally. Yet Christopher needs to live in the real world, a world in which truth is neither black nor white. Christopher’s father wants to heal their shattered relationship any way he can.

How does Christopher define love and truth quotes?

For Christopher, truth = love. Without truth, there cannot be love. This just reinforces the sinister nature of lying – that once you start lying, it’s really difficult to back out. Christopher’s father expects him, of all people, to understand.

What chapter does Christopher talk about white lies?

Father has prepared supper when Christopher comes home; Christopher’s plate is laid out so the different foods were not touching because if they touched he could not eat them. Father asks where Christopher has been and he responds that he’s been out, which is a white lie.

How does Christopher define truth?

Christopher sees truth as an anchoring principle of the world, and values it almost the way other people might value right over wrong. If someone tells the truth, he can trust them, and if they lie, he fears them. However, Christopher also finds out that the truth can hurt as much as a lie.

What are you learning about Christopher’s perspective?

Finally, Christopher’s perspective emphasizes the amount of sensory stimulation that people are constantly receiving. Most people are so used to it that they hardly notice, but Christopher experiences the world differently and can’t ignore the excess information that his brain receives.

How does Christopher feel about love?

Christopher’s father tells him his mother is dead because he assumes he’s unable to love, and therefore will be unable to grieve. Christopher feels love through his connections to animals – particularly to his dog Sandy.

Why does Christopher like the truth?

Does Christopher understand love?

Christopher doesn’t make any distinction between the two. Either he doesn’t understand romantic love, or he’s a big Neil Young fan.

What is Christopher Boone’s dream job?

Summary: Chapter 83 Christopher wants to be an astronaut. He explains the many ways the job fits him: he is intelligent, he understands how machines work, and he doesn’t mind small spaces, so long as he doesn’t share them with anyone.

What truths does Christopher’s book tell?

What is Christopher’s definition of love?

To Christopher, love is helping someone when they get into trouble, and telling them the truth.