What does PTM mean in Spanish slang?

What does PTM mean in Spanish slang?

Miss Antrophist is right, it is an abbreviation of “puta madre”.

What is NTP in Spanish?

No te preocupes
ntp = No te preocupes. ( Don’t worry. – informal) npn = No pasa nada. (No biggie. or No problem.)

What does TLS mean in Spanish texting?

TLS stands for talking loud syndrome.

What does CB mean in Spanish slang?

Spanish term or phrase: C.B. English translation: Comunidad de Bienes.

What does TMB mean in texting?

Summary of Key Points

Definition: Text Me Back
Type: Abbreviation
Guessability: 2: Quite easy to guess
Typical Users: Adults and Teenagers

What does KYC mean in Spanish?

Kyc = cállese = shut up.

What does QP mean in Spanish?

Qualified person qp | Spanish Translator.

What does BN mean in Spanish slang?

4- Slang: Bn Short for bien, which is “good!”

How do you say lol in Spanish?

lol (laughing out loud) [abbreviation] reírse a carcajadas [ex.]

What does TBT mean in Spanish slang?

~ TBT. TBT Noun Plural: TBTs. Translate “TBT” to Spanish: barrera técnica al comercio, obstáculo técnico al comercio. English Synonyms of “TBT”: technical barrier to trade.

What GPI means?

Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI)

What does TMD mean in text?

Summary of Key Points

Definition: Too Much Detail
Type: Abbreviation
Guessability: 2: Quite easy to guess
Typical Users: Adults and Teenagers

What are some good abbreviations for slang in Spanish?

We’re getting into full-on abbreviations. In English we have FYI, LOL, ROFL and various other abbreviations. In Spanish there are plenty of phrases that work in a similar way. Te quiero mucho becomes tqm or tkm, for example. You can also use numbers or symbols to create even more slang.

How do you write slang in Spanish text messages?

Characteristics of Spanish Text Message Slang Abbreviations Like in English, omitting vowels(vocales) is one of the easiest way to shrtn wrds.  Genial becomes gnl, for example. Losing consonants works too.  Ahora is often written as aora. But of course, it’s not always just a simple case of getting rid of the vocales.

What are some Spanish slang words that mean por?

X is another letter that’s used a lot in Spanish text slang. X usually symbolizes por, so por favor (please) becomes xfa. Porque and por qué? (because and why) become xq and xq?, respectively. As por and para are similar (though sadly not exactly the same!) para becomes xa.

What is the best way to learn Spanish slang?

This article will teach you these slang words and many others. If you want to keep them in your pocket, try Spanish Translator + by VidaLingua. You can download it for free on your iPhone and Android. Slang words vary a lot from country to country, even from city to city.