What genre is Reece Mastin?

PopReece Mastin / Genre

What genre is Reece Mastin?

PopReece Mastin / Genre

Who wrote the song timeless?

The song was released to radio by 604 Records as the fourth single from his 2019 EP The Fall, and as well as his 2020 album Timeless….Timeless (Dallas Smith song)

Label 604
Songwriter(s) Brett Eldredge David Garcia Josh Miller Tyler Hubbard
Producer(s) Joey Moi Dave Cohen
Dallas Smith singles chronology

Is timelessness a word?

Meaning of timelessness in English. the quality of not changing as the years go past, or as fashion changes: She obviously chose these tracks for their timelessness, their ability to transcend generations.

What are timeless themes?

A timeless theme is a generalization about life or the human experience that changes in time and place. A timeless theme will always have an impact on human conditions and the society. Audiences experience timeless theme in many different kinds of literature, no matter how modern or old they are.

Why is God timeless?

4.2. God exists timelessly “without” creation rather than before creation, because there isn’t literally a before. And so it can’t literally be the case that God becomes temporal, since becoming anything involves being first one thing and then the other.

How old is Reece Mastin?

Reece Mastin (born 24 November 1994) is an English-born Australian singer and songwriter who won the third season of The X Factor Australia in 2011. Mastin subsequently signed with Sony Music Australia.

When did Reece Mastin release his first album?

Reece Mastin is the self-titled debut studio album by Reece Mastin, the 2011 winner of The X Factor (Australia), released through Sony Music Australia on 9 December 2011. The album debuted at number two on the ARIA Albums Chart and was certified double platinum by the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA).

Who did Reece Mastin break up with?

^ McCabe, Kathy (20 February 2015). “Reece Mastin splits with Sony days after breaking up with girlfriend Rhiannon Fish”. The Daily Telegraph. Retrieved 21 February 2015. ^ Cashmere, Paul (20 February 2015).

How many copies did Mastin’s Beautiful Nightmare sell?

It debuted at number one on the New Zealand Albums Chart and was certified gold for sales of 7,500 copies. To promote the album, Mastin embarked on his first headlining Australian and New Zealand concert tour in December 2011. Mastin’s second studio album Beautiful Nightmare was released on 19 October 2012.