What happened to Jeremy Wade from River Monsters?

What happened to Jeremy Wade from River Monsters?

NEW YORK— Jeremy Wade can’t straighten his arm. Not because a stingray bit him with a powerful jaw, or a catfish stabbed him with a spiky fin — though he’s had both happen — but because the host of Animal Planet’s River Monsters just woke up with a mysterious elbow injury.

How much money does Jeremy Wade make?

Jeremy Wade is a British biologist, television presenter, extreme angler and writer who has a net worth of $2 million. Jeremy Wade has earned his net worth as an author and for his appearance on the television series River Monsters produced by Icon films….Jeremy Wade Net Worth.

Net Worth: $2 Million
Nationality: United Kingdom

What hit Jeremy Wade in the chest?

The massive arapaima The arapaima is a very large freshwater fish that can weigh up to 400 pounds. The one Wade was handling “only” weighed about 80 pounds, he estimated, when it suddenly hit him squarely in the chest.

How can I get in touch with Jeremy Wade?

If you have an enquiry you can contact: jw. admin (at) iconfilms.co.uk. Messages sent to this address will be delivered via Icon Films but there can be no guarantee that I will respond.

Will River Monsters come back?

One of Animal Planets top-performing series, River Monsters, is coming to an end. The network announced in March that the ninth season of River Monsters, hosted by Jeremy Wade, would also be its last.

Is this the most alien river monster Jeremy Wade has ever caught?

His discovery is not only the most alien of all river monsters, it is also the largest totally freshwater river monster Jeremy ever has caught! Jeremy Wade heads to a remote river in the Australian Outback to try and catch the rare but fearsome freshwater sawfish.

What is Jeremy Wade looking for in the Wild West?

Jeremy Wade travels to Brazil’s “wild west” in search of a river monster that has killed three cowboys. The search for the culprit sends him deep into prospecting cattle country, where he discovers the shocking truth about a fish he’s never caught before.

Can Jeremy Wade take on the Loch Ness Monster?

For more than 30 years, hardened angler Jeremy Wade has taken on the world’s most legendary river monsters bar one – the Loch Ness Monster. It’s a challenge he’s been reluctant to take on … until now.

Is Jeremy Wade the most interesting person on TV?

“… one of the more thoughtful and interesting people on TV.” USA Today Jeremy Wade has spent nearly 40 years travelling to the world’s remoter rivers.