What happens if I return Deathclaw egg?

What happens if I return Deathclaw egg?

Putting the helmet on after completing the quest by returning the egg will immediately turn the deathclaw hostile. Berry Mentats will also trigger a hostile status. If one delivers the egg for the reduced reward having stolen it back from the nest a pristine deathclaw egg may remain in the player’s inventory.

What should I do with the pristine deathclaw egg?

To enable its use as a consumable or ingredient, the player character must complete the Devil’s Due quest. It is required to create a tasty deathclaw omelette after the recipe has been acquired. Picking up the egg after the Devil’s Due quest is completed makes it usable, but the deathclaw guarding the nest attacks.

Where do I return Deathclaw egg?

If you want to return the egg to its nest (see the 4:30 mark in the video above), head to the north central edge of The Commonwealth to Lynn Woods. When you get close to the quest marker, be sure not to confront the Deathclaw nearby. Instead, quickly lay the egg down in the nest. This will complete the quest.

What do I do with the Deathclaw egg in Fallout 76?

Characteristics. An unhatched, intact egg from a deathclaw. It can be eaten raw to satisfy a small amount of hunger with a high chance of disease and a very high dose of radiation, or can be cooked to provide additional benefits.

What does strong like fo4?

Strong prefers to use melee weapons, like the super sledge, or rifles. He can also use heavy weapons, but will not equip handguns.

What were Deathclaws before they mutated?

Background. Originally engineered before the Great War by the U.S. government as a cheap replacement for human troops during combat operations, deathclaws were derived from a mixed animal stock, primarily the popular Jackson’s Chameleon.

Can you tame a deathclaw?

You can only tame the friendly Deathclaws that spawn as random encounters. fo76 in reddit has an awesome taming guide.