What happens in Season 1 of The Vampire Diaries?

What happens in Season 1 of The Vampire Diaries?

Harper, the vampire who escaped from the tomb, kills a man in the woods and steals his clothes. Alaric discovers that his wife Isobel was Elena’s biological mother, and was turned into a vampire by Damon at her own request. He confronts Damon, and the confrontation ends when Damon stabs Alaric to death with a stake.

What episode does Damon die?

Damon Salvatore
Last appearance “I Was Feeling Epic” (8.16) March 10, 2017
Created by L. J. Smith
Portrayed by Ian Somerhalder Gavin Casalegno (young/teenager)
In-universe information

Who married Stefan?


Who killed Ruth’s dad?

Although Nelson was the one to pull the trigger, it was essentially Wendy who had signed his death sentence. In season three, Ruth had her suspicions confirmed about the people responsible for Cade’s death after her boyfriend Ben Davis (Tom Pelphrey) was murdered in a hit organised by Wendy.

Is The Vampire Diaries a good show?

It totally excels and turns into a very exciting and watchable television show with an incredibly good looking cast with very impressive acting. The Vampire Diaries is not like any other vampire production,filled with humour,love, violence,sex and without the clichés.

Does Damon kill the devil?

Damon was forced to choose, with Stefan begging him to choose him and save Elena. But he couldn’t do it; ultimately he chose himself, giving his soul up to the devil for eternity. He then stabbed himself with a piece of Elena’s wooden coffin, killing himself (again).

Did Alaric really kill Damon?

In his rage, Alaric staked Damon in the heart, and the last moment of the episode was Damon desiccating — normally a sign of death for a vampire. However he escapes death this time, you can bet he’s not going to be quick to forgive his old BFF for driving a stake into his heart.

Does Damon really die in Season 8 Episode 14?

We start right where we left off last week: Damon is dead — or in limbo, technically — and Kai has made off with Elena’s body. Actually, about that … When Cade visits Damon, he has a request: He wants the dagger, also known as the one weapon that can kill him.

How does Stefan kill Enzo?

Finding Enzo in his way, Stefan rips out his heart from behind, leaving a devastated Bonnie to find his body after she stops Stefan and injects him with the cure.

What happens to Elena?

The Vampire Diaries: What Happened To Elena After The Show. The love triangle came to a head when, at the end of season 3, Elena died and became a vampire. Despite initially choosing Stefan, she realized in season 4 that she was first sire-bound to, and then genuinely in love with, Damon.

Did Damon really die?

Like mentioned before, Elena and Damon did live a long and happy life together before they both died. Since Legacies takes place about 10 or so years after the end of The Vampire Diaries, they are both still together and alive.

Why is Elena wearing a wig in Season 8?

She always wore a wig while playing Katherine. The reason is due to Katherine styling her hair much differently than Elena. This was generally done so that the audience could tell Elena and Katherine apart much easier.

Did Wendy kill Ruth’s dad?

Season two of Ozark concluded on a jaw-dropping note with the tables turning once again for the Byrde clan. One of the biggest moments in the season two finale was the death of Cade. Cade’s murder was ordered by Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) after she decided that he was too much of a risk to her family.

Did Ian Somerhalder break up with Nina Dobrev?

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder broke up after the 6th season of ‘The Vampire Diaries’. Nina later spoke about her former boyfriend’s marriage in an interview. After a long time, Nina Dobrev had finally decided to come out and talk about their breakup as she has broken her silence about Ian Somerhalder’s wedding.

Why did Nina and Ian break up?

The Split. Nina Dobrev has shared that she has a Netflix movie called Love Hard coming out, and while fans love following her acting roles, they definitely want to learn more about her love life. A source shared that the break-up might have been caused by the age difference between the actors.

How did they kill Cade?

While Cade and Bonnie’s psychic powers are battling, Stefan uses the dagger on Cade and kills him. A psychic blast from Cade’s death sends Damon’s soul back into his body; Bonnie makes it clear that she hasn’t forgiven Stefan but he tells her that he won’t give up on her forgiveness.

Why is Elena hated?

Not to mention Elena kept getting kidnapped a lot. I don’t think there was a dislike of Elena until she was a vampire and changed a lot. For me personally, I loved Elena when she was a human. I thought she was fearless and selfless and compassionate and I looked up to her, though I know many people found her whiny.