What is another word for distributor?

What is another word for distributor?

What is another word for distributor?

broker dealer
provider purveyor
supplier trader
wholesaler jobber
merchandiser salesperson

What is the difference between franchise and distributor?

Franchisee procures materials and combines them into a product or delivers a service. Distributor gets products shipped directly by the parent company.

What is a retailer example?

Examples of Retailers The most common examples of retailing are traditional brick-and-mortar stores. These include giants such as Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and Target. But retailing includes even the smallest kiosks at your local mall. Examples of online retailers are Amazon, eBay, and Netflix.

Who is called a wholesaler?

A distributor that sells products to a retailer. A wholesaler will sell his product in bulk quantities to retailers, allowing the retailer to take advantage of a lower price than if he were to buy single items. The wholesaler will typically buy goods direct from the manufacturer, but could also buy from a reseller.

What are examples of service businesses?

Examples of pure service businesses include airlines, banks, computer service bureaus, law firms, plumbing repair companies, motion picture theaters, and management consulting firms.

What is an example of a wholesale business?

As a wholesaler, you can sell to both consumers and other retailers. You don’t have to choose one or the other. The first examples of wholesale businesses that might come to mind are probably large brick-and-mortar department stores, like Walmart or Zellers.

Is Walmart a retailer or wholesaler?

(WMT) Walmart engages in both the retail and wholesale business, selling an assortment of merchandise and services worldwide at stores and online at everyday low prices.

What are three types of wholesalers?

TYPES OF WHOLESALERS The three categories used in the Census of Wholesale Trade are: 1) merchant wholesalers; 2) agents, brokers, and commission merchants; and manufacturers’ sales branches and offices.

How do distribution companies make money?

The way a distribution company makes money is simple. The company buys the product at a lower price from the manufacturer and sells it at a higher price to a retailer or customer.

Who is the largest distributor?

Top 40 Distributors 2019

Distributor 2018 Sales % Difference vs. 2017
1. 4imprint $714.6 17.5%
2. Staples (eg) $607.7 2.5%
3. HALO Branded Solutions $605.0 45.3%
4. Cimpress (e) $450.0 87.5%

How does distribution business work?

Distributors, also known as a stockist, are basically someone who makes a partnership with the manufacturer, purchases products, stores them & sell them through a distribution channel. The right distributor enhances a company’s exposure in the product market and can give an edge in terms of speed and efficiency.

What are types of wholesalers?

Types of Wholesalers – 4 Major Types: Merchant Wholesalers, Brokers and Agents, Sales Branches and Offices and Miscellaneous Wholesalers

  • Merchant Wholesalers: They are the independent business houses.
  • Brokers and Agents:
  • Sales Branches and Offices:
  • Miscellaneous Wholesalers:

What is another name for wholesaler?

What is another word for wholesaler?

dealer trader
tradesman merchandiser
salesperson trafficker
shopkeeper businessperson
distributor salesman

What is a distributor company?

A distributor is an entity that buys noncompeting products or product lines and sells them direct to end users or customers. Most distributors also provide a range of services such as technical support, warranty or service. Distributors are essential in helping reach markets manufacturers could not otherwise target.

What is retailer and distributor?

A retailer is one who retails the item which means, he sells directly to the end customer. A retailer is the one who is involved in B2C sales meaning Business to customer sale. If it is electronic goods, most likely a retailer will buy from a distributor because the distributor visits his place to sell the item.

What is difference between distributor and wholesaler?

Wholesaler is a trader, who buys goods in bulk quantities and sell it in smaller ones. On the other hand, distributors are the reseller of products, which cover a specific area or market.

What do you mean by wholesalers?

A wholesaler is a person whose business is buying large quantities of goods and selling them in smaller amounts, for example to shops.