What is ear spy?

What is ear spy?

Whether you want to eavesdrop on conversations or just hear the TV better, Ear Spy aims to give you super hearing and improve what you hear. There’s more going on around you than you might realize. It’s time to hear it.

How does Wireless spy micro earpiece work?

Wireless spy micro earpiece, or also bluetooth spy ear, work like a very small in ear receiver station that is placed in your ear. The mobile is in your pocket, the build in microphone under your clothes and the wireless spy micro earpiece hidden inside your ears – you can hear everything and are also heard!

How to use Invisible Spy ear?

The invisible spy ear is employable for work with mobile cellphone devices. Simply insert earphone spy ear in your ear and connect your bluetooth transmitter with your mobile phone, then you could hear whispers from your companion.

What is a wireless spy covert earpiece?

The wireless spy covert earpiece is available as a wireless in-ear hands-free set or as an spy in-ear MP3 set, including necklace with built-in transmitter. Are you a real professional cheat, are looking for the latest technology and you want to know how to cheat a test?