What is LEA Medi Cal?

What is LEA Medi Cal?

The Local Educational Agency (LEA) Medi-Cal Billing Option Program reimburses LEAs (school districts, county offices of education, charter schools, community college districts, California State Universities and University of California campuses) the federal share of the maximum allowable rate for approved health- …

Is Lee Health an HCA hospital?

That new 216-bed Lee Health facility would be within walking distance of him when it’s built in 2027. But, just two miles away, a new HCA Healthcare hospital will be placed in 2025….Encompass Health to build 40-bed inpatient rehab hospital in Cape Coral.

Reporter: Gail Levy
Writer: Drew Hill

How do I set up MyChart Lee Health?

You can sign up for MyChart by going to our Sign Up Now page. If you have an activation code provided to you by your Lee Health physician, click “Yes, I have a code” and follow the prompts.

Who owns Naples Community hospital?

Owned by Franklin, Tennessee-based Community Health Systems, Physicians Regional operates two hospitals in Collier with a combined 201 beds. The NCH system operates two hospitals in Collier with a combined 716 beds.

How many beds does Cape Coral Hospital have?

Cape Coral Hospital, a 291-bed health care hub centrally located on Del Prado Boulevard in Cape Coral, provides a wide range of services to the community, from special nursery care to weight management, diabetes, and chronic disease programs.

What charting does Lee health use?

The Epic EHR system is in use in all Lee Health hospitals and Lee Physician Group offices. With Epic, physicians have the ability to manage and document on the patient’s chart electronically as well as access to real-time documentation of tests, diagnoses and notes.

Does Florida have MyChart?

MyUFHealth SmartPhone App – MyChart Mobile The University of Florida Health offers MyUFHealth to encourage you to take an even greater role in your health care.

Who is the CEO of Lee health?

Dr. Larry Antonucci
As Lee Health’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Larry Antonucci is committed to delivering care that improves the quality of people’s lives. Dr. Antonucci has served as Lee Health’s leader since 2017, and has been with the health system since 2007.

Who is the CEO of Cape Coral Hospital?

President/Chief Executive Officer Larry Antonucci was a well-respected, practicing obstetrician and gynecologist (OB/GYN) for 24 years. During an era of corporate acquisitions, Dr. Antonucci was determined to keep his OB/GYN practice independent.