What is Nomex honeycomb made of?

What is Nomex honeycomb made of?

Nomex Honeycomb is a lightweight, high strength, nonmetallic honeycomb core material manufactured from aramid fiber paper with the typical hexangular cell shape. After the honeycomb is formed, it is coated with a heat resistant phenolic resin to increase its strength and thermal properties.

What is Nomex honeycomb used for?

Stiff, thin Nomex® sheet structures are used to help make strong, yet lightweight, honeycomb sandwich composite found in aircraft parts such flooring panels, interior walls, storage bins, exterior control surfaces, engine nacelles, and helicopter blades and tail booms.

Is Nomex honeycomb waterproof?

Nomex Honeycomb also has properties including moisture resistance, energy absorption, and sound and vibration dampening.

How much does Nomex cost?

Compared to other types of thread, Nomex is very expensive. Unfortunately, our newer stock is priced at over $200 per pound.

What is Nomex made out of?

Nomex is produced by condensation reaction from the monomers m-phenylenediamine and isophthaloyl chloride. It is sold in both fiber and sheet forms and is used as a fabric where resistance from heat and flame is required. Nomex sheet is actually a calendered paper and made in a similar fashion.

What is Nomex paper?

Nomex® 410 is a family of insulation papers that offer high inherent dielectric strength, mechanical toughness, flexibility and resilience. Nomex® 410, the original form of Nomex® paper, is widely used in a majority of electrical equipment applications.

How do you cut Nomex?

The most effective way to fabricate Nomex® parts typically involves laser cutting. Nomex® responds well to laser cutting, as we are able to make very precise, very clean cuts with the laser cutter. Not all parts fabricators have the equipment or expertise for laser cutting Nomex®.

Is Honeycomb water resistant?

The material exhibits high strength characteristics and is water resistant. It also provides good thermal insulation. It is available in two cell sizes and five densities to suit most purposes.

Where is Nomex manufactured?

the United States
Nomex fiber is made in the United States.

Is Nomex the same as Kevlar?

Overall, Nomex® is both thermally and chemically very stable. The difference between Kevlar and Nomex is the location of the amide linkages on the aromatic ring. Those differences cause Nomex to a lower modulus and tensile strength and a higher elongation and solubility in organic solvents.

Why choose Nomex® honeycomb?

Designed to offer users and designers high strength-to-weight properties at relatively low cost, Nomex® honeycomb is particularly suitable as a core material for production of sandwich structures requiring significant FST performance and using high performance fiber reinforced composites as the facing material.

What is Nomex® aramid paper honeycomb core material?

High specification aerospace grade Nomex® aramid paper honeycomb core material. This super-low density core material weighs just 29kg/m³ and is used as a core material in ultra-light sandwich panels for weight-critical applications like competition R/C models, UAVs and ultra-light aircraft.

What is aramid honeycomb used for?

Nomex Aramid Honeycomb For years, genuine Nomex® aramid honeycomb has been the de-facto standard in none-metallic, lightweight core materials for sandwich composites. Nomex® honeycomb is used extensively in aerospace applications like cabinets, lockers and bulkheads as well as in high-performance motorsports including Formula 1 and WRC.

Can Nomex be infused with resin?

The open cell structure of Nomex (much like aluminium honeycomb) means that it is not suitable for resin infusion. If a laminate containing Nomex was infused the cells of the Nomex honeycomb would simply fill with resin.