What is partogram?

What is partogram?

PARTOGRAM PARTOGRAM is a graphical information about the progress of labour in which the salient information about the fetal well-being, maternal well-being and the progress of labour are recorded into a chart. 5.

How to record Labour progress in partogram?

PARTOGRAM RECORDING Labour progress recording in active phase Plot dilatation as “X” Latent phase Plot descent as “O” Active phase + Latent phase + + + 0 hours 2 hours 4 hours (admission) Dilatation “O” 2 cm 4 cm 7 cm Descent “X” -2 -1 +1 20.

How do you record fetal head on A partogram?

Figure 8C-4: Recording the cervical dilatation, cervical length, the amount of fetal head above the brim, position of the head, and moulding on the partogram I. Recording the position of the fetal head The position of the fetal head is recorded by marking the ‘O’ with fontanelles and the sagittal suture (see figure 8C-4).

How is the duration of contractions recorded on the partogram?

The duration of contractions is also recorded on the partogram. The block is stippled if the contractions last less than 20 seconds (i. e. weak contractions), the block is striped if the contractions last between 20 and 40 seconds (i. e. moderate contractions) and the block is coloured in completely if the contractions last 40 seconds or longer.