What is special about Alice Springs?

What is special about Alice Springs?

Alice Springs is widely considered to be the spiritual heart of Australia, with rivers and ranges millions of years old and an ancient Aboriginal culture rich in art and story. Journey to the heart of the landscape and find red desert sands, spinifex dunes, ghost gums, rocky chasms and diverse wildlife.

What type of desert is Alice Springs?

subtropical hot desert climate
Under the Köppen climate classification, Alice Springs has a subtropical hot desert climate (BWh), featuring extremely hot, dry summers and short, mild winters.

Is Alice Springs a desert?

The desert is not an empty barren wasteland, it is full of life! See the desert come alive! Immerse in the oldest living culture. Alice Springs Desert Park is only seven kilometres from the centre of Alice Springs.

What are the natural features of Alice Springs?

Best natural attractions in Alice Springs & Surrounds

  • © Mountain. West MacDonnell National Park.
  • © Cave. Standley Chasm Angkerle.
  • © National Park. Ochre Pits.
  • © Mountain. Mount Gillen.
  • © National Park. Finke Gorge National Park.
  • © Geologic Formation.
  • © Geologic Formation.
  • Water Body. Redbank Gorge , West MacDonnell National Park.

What’s it like living in Alice Springs?

It’s a great place to live for people who don’t like the busy lifestyle of big cities. There’s surprisingly lots of things to do to keep you busy, from 4WD-ing to arts and culture. If you think Alice is a small town in the middle of nowhere..

Why is it called Alice Springs?

Modern Alice Between 1871 and 1933, Alice Springs was simply the name of a waterhole adjacent to the telegraph station and named after Alice Todd, wife of Sir Charles Todd. Alice Springs began its modern history as the township of Stuart.

What is the biggest desert in Australia?

The Great Victoria Desert
The Great Victoria Desert (GVD) is the largest of Australia’s deserts, stretching from eastern Western Australia across the western half of South Australia, encompassing 420,000 square kilometres of land..

What wildlife lives in Alice Springs?


  • Barn owl.
  • Budgerigar.
  • Bush stone-curlew.
  • Common bronzewing.
  • Emu.
  • Princess parrot.
  • Red-capped robin.
  • Tawny frogmouth.

Where does Alice Springs get its water?

All of Alice Spring’s water comes from groundwater. The aquifers in the Amadeus Basin to the south of town are the main supplies for drinking, farming and industry use. The plan expects these to sustain Alice Spring’s drinking water needs until 2224.

What is the Alice Springs desert park?

The Alice Springs Desert Park is an environmental education facility and wildlife park in Alice Springs in the Northern Territory of Australia. It is sited on 1,300 hectares (3,212 acres), with a core area of 52 hectares (128 acres).

Where is desert festival 2022 Alice Springs?

Desert Festival is made possible with the generous support of the Northern Territory Government and Alice Springs Town Council. 09/22/2022 12:00 AM 10/02/2022 12:00 AM Australia/Darwin Desert Festival 2022 Red Hot Arts Central Australia is excited to welcome you to Desert Festival 2022. Various, Alice Springs, Northern Territory, 0870, Australia

What is the climate like in the Australian desert?

Like most major deserts across the world they are found around a certain latitude (roughly 30° north / south of the equator) where the weather phenomena create a dry climate. Rainfall is unpredictable. For example, Alice Springs supposedly has 270mm a year but 70% of years are below average. It’s a land of droughts and flooding rains.

What animals live in Alice Springs desert park?

Alice Springs Desert Park. The plants here include river red gums, coolibah trees, aquatic plants, and reeds. Animals in this habitat include finches, cockatoos, water birds, frogs, and fish. Demonstrations here show how the aboriginal people use this habitat to harvest food and medicine.