What is the best base in State of Decay?

What is the best base in State of Decay?

The best two bases, just like in the main game, are the Snyder Trucking Warehouse in Marshall (the southwest corner of the map) and the Trumbell County Fairgrounds in Fairfield (the northwest corner of the map). Depending on your goals, each of these is an ideal home base.

What is the biggest home site in State of Decay?

Trumbull County Fairgrounds
The Trucking Warehouse or Trumbull County Fairgrounds are the biggest Bases in State of Decay. They both have up to eight Outposts and five facility spots.

Is State of Decay available on PC?

Available on Steam for the first time, this edition is packed with new and remastered content for the ultimate zombie survival experience.

Does sod2 end?

Completing the last part of the Legacy questline will result in you seeing the credits and State of Decay 2 officially ‘ending. ‘ However, by completing the Legacy mission, you’ll have unlocked a Boon for a future playthrough (again this varies depending on your leader).

Is utilities a good skill State of Decay 2?

Utilities is at the same time, a very useful and rather useless skill. You will absolutely need one surv with utilities if you aim to use hydroponics, but upgrades for this skill is pretty mediocre. To level up utilities you need to build a latrine, water collector, still or generator.

How to install state of decay on PC?

Go to Start -> Settings -> Update&Security -> Windows Insider program to enroll in the Windows Insider Fast flight ring.

  • Restart your machine when prompted.
  • Go to Start -> Settings -> Update&Security and click “Check for Updates”.
  • If you have an Xbox Live Gamertag (you most likely have one already if you are reading this!),go to step 2 below.
  • Is state of decay free on the PC?

    Operating System: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 and 8.1

  • CPU: Celeron E1500 Dual-Core 2.2 GHz
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Hard disk Space: 2 GB
  • How to install mods state of decay PC?

    SteamSteamAppscommonState of DecayGame All mods need to be somewhere in state of decay direction to work. Just follow all instrutcion within the directory even if it is not there just create the needed location. Have Fun I totally can advise you the”Brimstone” – Mod colection and Backpack mod from nexusmods state of decay Greetings A suvivor

    How to survive state of Decay 2?

    Time management is a key aspect of staying alive in State of Decay 2, and distinguishing the important locales (such as plague hearts or vehicles) from the less critical scavenging spots is one of the best ways to stay on schedule.