What mouthpiece does Tom Harrell use?

Is Besson a good brand?

What mouthpiece does Tom Harrell use?

Bach 1 1/4 C (variatious throat and backbore variations) Pete Estabrook
Bach 3C Tom Harrell
Bach 7C Tim Hagans
Bach 1 1/2 C Philip Smith
Bach 1 1/2 C Malcom McNab

What trumpet mouthpiece did Miles Davis use?

Heim mouthpieces
Heim mouthpieces In the mid 50s, Miles Davis (probably one of the only jazz trumpeters we haven’t seen use a Bach!) moved onto his Heim mouthpiece. It had a narrow rim with a deep V cup that helped him create the super dark trumpet sound he’s known for.

Is Besson a good brand?

Besson trumpets are high-quality student trumpets which is reflected in the price. They are often used in schools and teaching sessions. Besson instruments tend to keep their value well which is a sign that people trust the brand.

What trumpet does Andrea Giuffredi?

Known for his virtuosic and melodic style of playing, internationally renowned trumpet soloist Andrea Giuffredi has chosen Yamaha’s Xeno YTR-8335S trumpet as his instrument of choice. Andrea Giufredi started playing the trumpet at the age of 9 and by 14, had started his studies at the Conservatory.

What mouthpiece did Roy Hargrove play?

Other great jazz trumpeters, such as Enrico Rava, Wallace Roney, Roy Hargrove have used Holton, Gustat, and Kanstul versions of the Heim 1 and 2 mouthpieces. Although first used for symphonic and orchestral music, over the years these mouthpieces have been sought after by professional jazz trumpeters.

Where are Victory trumpets made?


ID 3528
Pitch Bb/C
Description Engraved: Victory | OD Co. | Boston Czech made
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How much does a good trumpet cost?

Beginner trumpets usually range in cost from $400 to $1,200. Intermediate, or step-up trumpets usually range in cost $1,200 to $2,300 and entry level pro trumpets (still largely played by advanced students) around $2,400 and up.

Where are Besson trumpets made?

By joining the Buffet Crampon Group, Besson has restructured and relaunched its production of professional instruments in Germany and France. The Besson student instruments continue to be manufactured in the factory near Delhi, in India, under the supervision of specialists from the Buffet Crampon Group.

What size mouthpiece did Freddie Hubbard use?

Freddie played a Conn 8B “Artist” model, a lightweight horn that was very popular with jazz players in the mid sixties. Lee Morgan also played an 8B with a Bach mouthpiece.

When did the serial numbers start on Courtois trumpets?

This matches trumpet #300 (5thphoto) 1922 Selmer is the sole US & Canada agent for Courtois. All this tells me that the serial numbers actually start following WWI and perhaps to when Courtois was purchased by Gaudet in 1917. Back to Courtois history:

What is the history of the Courtois brothers?

1803-1844 “Courtois Freres” This is the other company that split from the original and is translated “Courtois Brothers”. Until 1819 they were located at #25 rue du Caire in Paris. At that time they moved to #21 rue du Caire. The two-valved cornopean (3rd photo) is dated 1833 and labeled “Courtois Rue Caire A Paris”.

How old are these Courtois Neveu Aine?

1803-1862 “Courtois Neveu Aine” This is one of the companies that split from the original and is translated “Courtois’ oldest cousin”. The first two photos show instruments labeled “Courtois Neveu Aine Rue Des Vieux Augustus A Paris”. Dating these would be based on the style and an educated guess. 1803-1844 “Courtois Freres”

When did Courtois change their logo?

1937 Paul Gaudet now becomes the head of Courtois c.1938 Paul enters WWII and the factory closes Top photo shows the new style logo with the stretched letters that probably starts after the move in 1930.