What train line is Wyndham Vale on?

What train line is Wyndham Vale on?

Deer Park – West Werribee line
Wyndham Vale railway station is located on the Deer Park – West Werribee line in Victoria, Australia. It serves the western Melbourne suburb of Manor Lakes, and it opened on 14 June 2015.

Is Wyndham a good suburb?

“Great Suburb for Families” It is a great suburb to live in especially for families with kids. Multiple playgrounds and good amenities. 35-40 minute train ride to southern cross from Wyndham Vale Station. Werribee Station is also close by and can get a train to the city from there too.

Is Wyndham Vale regional Victoria?

Wyndham Vale is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 37 km south-west of Melbourne’s Central Business District, located within the City of Wyndham local government area. Wyndham Vale recorded a population of 23,273 at the 2016 census….Wyndham Vale.

Wyndham Vale Melbourne, Victoria
Federal division(s) Lalor

How is tarneit suburb?

Tarneit is a young safe family suburb surrounded by green spaces, walking tracks and nature. Tarneit is loved by many families that do live here and we definitely don’t need nasty people like you around in our suburb. By the way most of us are friendly and very lucky to be living in Tarneit in our beautiful homes.

Is Point Cook safe?

Point Cook received scores – from zero to five, zero being the worst – of zero for telecommunications coverage, cultural sector and crime. It was hit with a score of one for proximity to trains and schools, but received five for amount of public open space.

Why does Werribee South smell?

It reeks because the gas from the Werribee treatment facility builds up and needs to be released, hence they select the time they do to let it go. EPA are being paid off, have known for decades that the cause is industrial gas being released at certain times of the evening.

Does Werribee smell?

The Environment Protection Authority said the “poo” stink reports began in Altona and Werribee on Sunday evening and appeared to have travelled on a south-westerly breeze mostly to the north-western suburbs. The smell had also been detected in St Kilda in the south.

What suburbs are in Wyndham?

The City of Wyndham includes the suburbs and localities of Cocoroc, Eynesbury (part), Hoppers Crossing, Laverton (part), Laverton North, Little River (part), Mambourin, Mount Cottrell (part), Point Cook, Quandong, Tarneit, Truganina (part), Werribee, Werribee South, Williams Landing and Wyndham Vale.

Is Mornington in regional Victoria?

As part of our Realistic Roadmap, the Victorian Liberal Nationals believe the Mornington Peninsula and Yarra Valley should also be treated as ‘regional Victoria’ for the purposes of easing restrictions. The Bellarine Peninsula is regarded as regional Victoria.

What time do trains start in Melbourne?

Train and tram services run between 5am and midnight, Monday to Thursday. Melbourne has 24 hour public transport on weekends. Trains run hourly and trams every 30 minutes during the weekends across the city.

What’s new at Wyndham Vale station?

A new train storage yard for regional trains, known as stabling, is now operational just north of Wyndham Vale Station. The new facility will help to replace existing stabling at the E-Gate facility near Footscray — making way for an extension of Wurundjeri Way as part of the West Gate Tunnel Project.

What is the population of Wyndham Vale?

Wyndham Vale is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 31 km south-west of Melbourne’s Central Business District, located within the City of Wyndham local government area. Wyndham Vale recorded a population of 23,273 at the 2016 census.

How will Wyndham Vale’s new stabling yard benefit V/Line?

V/Line’s regional network will now benefit from greater flexibility thanks to the opening of the Wyndham Vale stabling yard on the Geelong line. Wyndham Vale’s new storage facility for V/Line trains is edging closer to completion to provide immediate and long-term benefits to the regional network.

What is there to do in Wyndham Vale?

Wyndham Vale Reserve, located on Honour Avenue is the home of several sports clubs and facilities, such as the Wyndham Vale Cricket Club. The Wyndhamvale Football Club, an Australian Rules football team, competes in the Western Region Football League. It has 2 Senior Men’s Teams.