When did hockey goalies start using the butterfly?

When did hockey goalies start using the butterfly?

The Butterfly first came into play in the late 1960s with Tony Esposito, but the style has since evolved with equipment becoming more protective. The Butterfly Hybrid style really took on a life of its own with Patrick Roy in the mid-80s.

When should a goaltender use a butterfly slide?

Goalies are best served using a butterfly slide when the puck is being played close to their net, and they need to cover distance in their crease while cutting off the bottom part of the net, where the puck would most likely be shot in that situation.

Who invented butterfly goalie?

How Glenn Hall invented the butterfly position. Hall, an instrumental member of the Blackhawks’ 1961 Stanley Cup championship team, used the butterfly to snag two Vezina trophies as a Hawk and achieve a feat that will never be matched.

What are the 3 types of goalies in ice hockey?

4 Forms. The four forms of goaltending are four styles that goalies use.

  • Form 1: Butterfly. This form is based around low shots and desperation.
  • Form 2: Hybrid. A style for a goalie that will stand up on high shots and stay low on anything else this style is most used.
  • Form 3: Stand Up Style.
  • Form 4: Agressive.
  • Is Marc Andre Fleury a butterfly goalie?

    Profly goaltenders tend to also be very mobile when in the butterfly stance and excel at using butterfly-based movement techniques such as butterfly crawls and butterfly slides to move. NHL goaltenders such as Marc-André Fleury, Henrik Lundqvist and Roberto Luongo fit into the profly/blocking style of goaltending.

    What is a butterfly in hockey?

    In ice hockey, butterfly style is a technique of goaltending distinguished by the goaltender guarding the lower part of the net by dropping to the knees to block attempts to score. The butterfly style derives its name from the resemblance of the spread goal pads and hands to a butterfly’s wings.

    What is a hybrid goalie?

    HYBRID STYLE Hybrid goaltending, as its name suggests, is a combination of the stand-up and butterfly techniques–the goaltender will make reactionary decisions based on the shot that’s coming at them in a calm, cool, and collected demeanor.