When did the Adidas track jacket come out?

When did the Adidas track jacket come out?

Featuring bold colorways, striped sleeves and a logo over the heart, our original adidas men’s track jacket made its debut in 1979 and hasn’t slowed down since. For a slightly heavier option as weather cools, complete your look with a varsity jacket or men’s bomber.

Why wear an Adidas jacket?

Even in punishing conditions, you deserve to be rewarded for your commitment to sport every time you step out your door. adidas men’s jackets empower you to own the day with iconic style and innovative performance features ready for any turn in the weather.

How to wear Adidas 3 stripes?

Keep it classic with a monochrome outfit or switch it up with a black and white jacket with the iconic adidas 3-stripes for a little bit of drama. Depending on your needs, you can find RAIN.RDY for the wet season, COLD.RDY for insulated protection from the chill or WIND.RDY for blustery days.

Which Adidas track jacket should you choose?

The combination of Climalite fabric and mesh lining keeps moisture away from your skin and provides ample breathability when you’re on the move. Go for an original adidas look in a track jacket with the iconic 3-Stripes down the sleeves and a variety of colors to mix and match.

What is the best track jacket for me?

The Iconic Track Jacket offers extra warmth with its high collar. Just like the Adicolor Firebird Track Top, the front-zip closure makes it easy to slip on, while its convenient pockets ensure that an athlete’s essentials can be easily stored. The Linear Track Top also fulfills the need for coziness.

Why do athletes wear track jackets?

The track suit has become a staple among world-famous athletes and runners, keeping them warm before competitions and an adidas track jacket can help any athlete turn heads and make them feel like they can take on the world. All athletes need to keep warm and look cool as they gear up for their winning moment.