Where can you find the Autostraad reisender 7?


Where can you find the Autostraad reisender 7?


  • In a Roadside Event where one may be off road, near a broken looking flat trailer that can be used as a Stunt ramp and a Mugello Farina Duo.
  • Sometimes parked near some Gas stations in Medici.
  • Up to 3 of them can be found parked at farmhouses or in fields at approximately N 40 42.151 E 5 44.761.

Where is the Autostraad D90 Just Cause 3?

The Autostraad D90 is a vehicle in Just Cause 3….Locations

  1. Colle Salrosa – N 40 40.195 E 5 42.830.
  2. Perla Est – N 40 44.140 E 5 45.480.
  3. Citate Di Ravello.
  4. Vista Dracon.
  5. In traffic.
  6. After bringing one to a garage, it can be called in at any time via Rebel drop.

Where is the Monster Truck Just Cause 3?

There’s only seven jumps here, and they unlock the biggie: the Incendario Monster Truck.

  1. Libeccio Province, Coordinates: 45.74 N, 35.18 E.
  2. Val De Mar Province, Coordinates: 44.73 N, 42.36 E.
  3. Costa Sud Province, Coordinates: 44.30 N, 45.45 E.
  4. Costa Sud Province, Coordinates: 46.12 N, 44.42 E.

How do you get the Weimaraner W3 in Just Cause 3?

The vehicle is located on an outlying island near the Insula Fonte region, making the transporting of this vehicle more challenging. Therefore, calling for a rebel drop of a sea vehicle such as the Urga Hroch was my way of transporting the Weimaraner W3.

How do you unlock vehicles in Just Cause 3?

There are several ways that you can unlock different types of vehicles in Just Cause 3. Near the beginning of the game you unlock your first Garage, and you continue to unlock this in new areas as you progress. Simply bring any civilian vehicles to any of these Garages and you’ll unlock the vehicle for the Rebel Drop.

What is the slowest car in Just Cause 3?

The Verdeleon 3 is a sports car in Just Cause 3.

Is there a monster truck in Just Cause 3?

The Incendiario Monster Truck is a sports and off-road vehicle in Just Cause 3.

Where are all the daredevil jumps in Just Cause 3?

The Daredevil Jumps are located on three islands in Medici: Insula Dracon, Insula Fonte, and Insula Striate. Completing all the jumps found throughout each island will unlock a unique vehicle for your garage.

Where is squalo x7?

Locations. It is the rarest sea vehicle in the game, as it spawns at only two locations. Litore Torto at N 40 47.325 E 5 45.495. It is in the big lake with the ruins, next to the star fort.