Where is the One Tree Hill school?

Where is the One Tree Hill school?

“Tree Hill High School” The front entrance of the Joe and Barbara Schwartz Center at 610 North Front Street appeared as the exterior of the show’s high school. Walk around to the back of the building, which was used for the gym’s exterior scenes.

How many students are at One Tree Hill College?

Student Population: Age

Age Gender Total
Age 19+ Total 5
Total Female 570
Total Male 597
Total Total 1,167

Where is maungakiekie?

Maungakiekie is the most extensively developed Māori pā (village settlement) in Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland and one of the largest pre-European archaeological site complexes in New Zealand. It is also one of the largest pre-iron-age forts in the world.

Where in NZ is the One Tree Hill?

Maungakiekie / One Tree Hill is a 182-metre (597 ft) volcanic peak in Auckland, New Zealand. It is an important memorial place for both Māori and other New Zealanders. The suburb around the base of the hill is also called One Tree Hill.

Why is it called One Tree Hill?

The title of the show and the name of the fictional town where the series takes place are derived from the song “One Tree Hill”, which is named after the landmark in New Zealand.

What grade are they in in One Tree Hill?

Junior years
Which one was it? What grade are the characters in throughout the series? It is commonly said that Season 1 takes place during the first semester of their Junior years in high school, while Season 2 takes place during their second semester as Juniors.

How long does it take to climb One Tree Hill?

Getting to the One Tree Hill summit From Cornwall Park, it takes about 20 to 30 minutes to get to the One Tree Hill summit. You can get there via the loop road in One Tree Hill Domain or ramble over the paddocks and farm land.

Who Cut Down One Tree Hill?

The first native tree planted on One Tree Hill was cut down by settlers during the colonisation of Auckland around the 1850s. Sir John Logan Campbell, known as the “father of Auckland”, replanted a totara surrounded by pine trees more than 100 years ago.

Can you walk up One Tree Hill?

Getting to the One Tree Hill summit The loop road around the summit is 2.9km, which is about a 40-minute walk (or a quicker jog!).

What is the history of One Tree Hill College?

The crest of One Tree Hill College, adopted before the college opened on 1 February 1955, symbolises the strong association between One Tree Hill/Maungakiekie and the local community. One Tree Hill College offers a high–quality education to our community, with an emphasis on academic achievement.

Does One Tree Hill College have an enrolment scheme?

One Tree Hill College has an enrolment scheme in place. Please read the enrolment scheme tab for more information. At One Tree Hill College we are committed to raising standards and lifting student achievement. We reflect the values and aspirations of our local community.

Why is One Tree Hill College now’at risk of overcrowding’?

The college is now ‘at risk of overcrowding’ so the Ministry of Education has put an enrolment scheme in place for the College. Details of the One Tree Hill College enrolment scheme are detailed below. Please click the links for full details of the One Tree Hill College enrolment scheme.

When does One Tree Hill College go into the ballot?

OUT OF ZONE students who wish to go into the ballot to attend One Tree Hill College next year, must also complete the online enrolment form by Wednesday 1 September at the latest. All out of zone applications are subject to the ballot process which takes place on Wednesday 8 September.