Where would troy be today?

Where would troy be today?

The ancient city of Troy was located along the northwest coast of Asia Minor, in what is now Turkey.

Who gave Pandora the gift of life?

Finally, Hermes gives this woman a name: “Pandora [i.e. “All-Gift”], because all they who dwelt on Olympus gave each a gift, a plague to men who eat bread” (81–2). In this retelling of her story, Pandora’s deceitful feminine nature becomes the least of humanity’s worries.

In what ways are the creature and Victor actually more similar than either would want to admit?

Victor Frankenstein and the monster that he creates are more similar than Victor may want to admit. This is ironic because Victor considers his treatment of the monster a result of his utter repugnance at the appearance and, later, actions of the monster. Ultimately, though, Victor makes the monster be what he becomes.

How does Paris killed Achilles?

Paris, who was not a brave warrior, ambushed Achilles as he entered Troy. He shot his unsuspecting enemy with an arrow, which Apollo guided to the one place he knew Achilles was vulnerable: his heel, where his mother’s hand had kept the waters of the Styx from touching his skin.

Who did Paris chose to give the golden apple?

Helen of Sparta

How are Victor and his creation similar in this way?

Victor and his creation are two characters which despite of their differences still resemble a strong and vivid connection. These driven characters thrive for the same goals, feed of similar pain, and feel the same loneliness, remorse and isolation as one another.

Who built the Trojan horse?


How is Frankenstein and the monster the same?

In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein and the monster that he creates are very similar. For example, Victor creates the monster to be like himself. The monster does not resemble Victor physically; instead, they share the same personalities. For example, Victor and the monster are both loving beings.

What are the similarities between Frankenstein and Prometheus?

Both Victor Frankenstein and the Greek Titan Prometheus are attributed to creating life. While Dr. Frankenstein gives life to an inanimate corpse, Prometheus created the building blocks of life for humans by creating the men from clay. In both stories the creators both only created men.