Which fish can live with iridescent shark?

Which fish can live with iridescent shark?

Iridescent sharks, also known as the siamese shark or sutchi catfish, are a species of catfish native to Southeast Asia and Thailand. In the aquarium, they provide a lot of schooling activities….Tank Mates

  • Plecostomus.
  • Synodontis catfish.
  • Pearsei.
  • Silver dollars.
  • Kissing gourami.
  • Leptobotia elongata loach.
  • Oscar.
  • Texas cichlid.

Do rainbow sharks need to school?

Schooling fish normally do not due well with rainbow fish because most of them also like to swim near the bottom. One exception are barbs, which have been known to cohabitate peacefully with rainbow sharks.

How quickly do iridescent sharks grow?

– Growth Rate Most iridescent sharks will be around two to four inches when you buy them. Their growth rate is actually very fast compared to most other fish, especially if you give them a huge tank and a meaty diet filled with protein. In that case, you will see them reach around a foot of length within a year.

How many rainbow sharks can live together?

Keep at least five rainbow sharks together, so the dominant ones have multiple rivals to chase around. Introduce them when they’re juveniles. Each rainbow shark needs at least a meter of separated territory.

Can iridescent shark live with Oscar?

Some great iridescent shark tank mates are: Bichir. Oscar fish. Silver dollar fish.

Are iridescent sharks schooling fish?

Iridescent Shark Tank Mates The best tank mates for these big, peaceful fish are other Iridescent sharks, and juveniles in particular, prefer to be in a group from 3 to 5. Adult sharks are less social and don’t school together, but still enjoy company.

What size tank does a rainbow shark need?

55 gallons
Tank requirements An adult rainbow shark thrives in a minimum of 55 gallons of water, with an aquarium length of 48 inches, at the neutral pH range (6 to 8 pH), with temperatures between 24 and 27 °C (75 and 81 °F), and water hardness maintained at 5 to 11 dH.

Can rainbow shark live alone?

Rainbow Shark Facts & Overview Even though these fish are common in the wild, they are solitary, territorial fish that avoid one another’s company and spend much of their lives alone.

Can iridescent sharks live alone?

Since these are schooling fish the best iridescent catfish, are more iridescent catfish. We recommend a school of at least 4 to ensure they’re comfortable. These fish will live in a constant state of stress and worry if they’re alone.

Can iridescent sharks live with cichlids?

Iridescent Shark Tank Mates Avoid keeping sharks with smaller fish like tetras and barbs, or edible snails and shrimp. Large, aggressive fish like cichlids may pick on your sharks, but are among the better options.

What are the best iridescent shark tank mates?

The best iridescent shark tank mates are peaceful fish of similar size. Anything much smaller might get mistaken for a snack (which you don’t want). Since these are peaceful and shy fish any aggressive fish are to be avoided as well. Iridescent sharks don’t have the gumption to fight back or defend themselves which can make them easy targets.

How big of a tank does an iridescent shark need?

When fully grown you’ll want at least a 300-gallon tank for an iridescent shark. This will give them enough room to swim freely and be comfortable. Some owners keep these fish in smaller tanks when they initially get them and gradually transition them to larger and larger tanks over time.

How fast do iridescent shark grow?

This shark fish is commonly around 2.5 to 4-inches in length at the time of sale or at its initial life period, and with a spacious and separate starter tank of fresh water and meaty diet for it. Then they should reach around a foot in length as its size is huge within a year. The Iridescent Shark Growth rate is very speedy.

Can you keep iridescent shark fish in the US?

In South-East Asia this fish is grown to cook it, but in the USA and Europe this fish is often kept in tanks. Further in the article, you’ll find out how to keep iridescent shark fish, feed it, select tank mates, and breed it.