Which Venus razor is best for sensitive skin?

Which Venus razor is best for sensitive skin?

The Best Overall: Gillette Venus Extra Smooth Sensitive Women’s Razor. Not only is Gillette Venus’ extra smooth razor tested by dermatologists, but it’s designed with features perfect for anyone whose skin is sensitive.

Can you use any blades with the Venus?

The blade’s water-activated ribbon of moisture helps protect from nicks and cuts. Any Venus blade refill fits any Venus razor handle (Except Simply Venus and Venus Pubic Hair and skin).

How many times can you use Venus blade?

How often do I need to change the refill and how do I change it? Venus lasts for 2 -3 months or 7-8 times full body usage, depending on your usage. You can replace the refills when they are worn out. Push the button on your Venus handle to remove the old refill.

How long does a Venus blade last?

Based on shaving twice per week, each razor blade refill will last for up to 1 month. Just use and replace when you are ready for a new one. Shave hair quickly and effectively.

Is Venus good for sensitive skin?

Gillette’s Venus Sensitive Deluxe Smooth Razor is perfect for protecting your sensitive skin. It features 5 diamond-like coated blades for a long-lasting smooth shave and a SkinElixir lubrastrip for glide that releases a perfect dose of protection.

Do Venus refills fit all Venus razors?

Since all Venus blade refills fit all handles*, you can mix things up whenever you want.

Do all Gillette blades fit all Gillette handles?

Additionally, all power razor cartridges are interchangeable with their base manual cartridge, and in the case of the Fusion5 family of razors (Fusion5, ProGlide, and Styler), all Fusion5 cartridges will fit all Fusion5 handles….Gillette® FAQ.

Razor type Blade compatibility
Razors Fits all MACH3 blades

Can I use Venus razor for pubic hair?

We recommend using the Venus Pubic Hair & Skin Razor. It’s specifically designed to help protect pubic skin from shave irritation and glide easily across the curves of crevices of your bikini area.

How many blades razor is best?

Most of the dermatologists recommend two blades as they seem to prevent nicks, as the razor head occupies less area on sharp curves and it’s easier to control. They also happen when the razor pushes down on your skin, forcing your skin into a hill in front of the it.