Who all passed away in 2016?

Celebrity Deaths 2016

Who all passed away in 2016?

Celebrity Deaths 2016

Pat Harrington Ad David Bowie Alan Rickman
Gene Wilder Hugh O’Brian Arnold Palmer
Florence Henderson Fidel Castro Ron Glass
John Glenn Alan Thicke Bernard Fox
George Michael Carrie Fisher Debbie Reynolds

Who passed away in January 2016?

January 2016

  • Natasha Aguilar, 45, Costa Rican swimmer, silver and bronze medalist at the 1987 Pan American Games, complications from a stroke.
  • George Alexandru, 58, Romanian theater and film actor, complications from an abdominal infection.
  • Fazu Aliyeva, 83, Russian Avar poet and journalist, heart failure.

Who died in April 2016?

April 2016

  • Karl-Robert Ameln, 96, Swedish sailor (1948 and 1952 Olympics).
  • Aleksander Arkuszyński, 98, Polish brigadier general, WWII veteran.
  • Pratyusha Banerjee, 24, Indian actress, suicide by hanging.
  • Alan Carter, 86, British civil servant, Director of Immigration of Hong Kong (1983–1989).

Has louie Anderson passed away?

January 21, 2022Louie Anderson / Date of death

Who died on the 10th of January 2016?

Here is a list of the stars to have died in 2016 to date: Singer David Bowie, 69, died on January 10.

How many celebrities died 2017?

Celebrity Deaths 2017

Miguel Ferrer Mary Tyler Moore John Hurt
Barbara Hale Richard Hatch Ad Bill Paxton
Lola Albright Don Rickles Erin Moran
Dina Merill Roger Moore Roger Smith
Martin Landau Glen Campbell Jerry Lewis

What comedian has died recently?

The ‘EastEnders’ star Leonard Fenton has died. (Getty Images) EastEnders stars have been sharing their memories of Dr Legg actor Leonard Fenton, who has died aged 95.

What actor passed away recently?

R.I.P, Captain Stubing: Actor Gavin MacLeod — who was most famous for his work on “The Love Boat” and “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” — passed away on May 29 at his home in Palm Desert, California, according to reports from outlets including TMZ and The Hollywood Reporter. He was 90.

Who are the Dead comedians?

Sacha Baron Cohen,The 11 O’Clock Show,Da Ali G Show

  • Steve Coogan,Knowing Me,Knowing You
  • Daisy May Cooper,This Country
  • Rebecca Front,On The Hour,The Day Today,Knowing Me,Knowing You
  • Ricky Gervais,The Office
  • Matthew Holness,Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace
  • Paul Kaye,aka Dennis Pennis
  • Chris Langham,People Like Us
  • Who was the actor that died recently?

    Though it was really more speculation than rumor, recent online chatter suggested that The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus might be in line to play Ghost Rider in The MCU. Now, the actor has responded.