Who are the Dufour Lapointe sisters?

Who are the Dufour Lapointe sisters?

Chloé Dufour-Lapointe
Maxime Dufour-Lapointe
Justine Dufour-Lapointe/Sisters

Did Chloe Dufour Lapointe qualify?

The 22-year-old Gagnon rebounded strongly after finishing 14th in Thursday’s first qualification round. She has two top-10 World Cup finishes this season after a fourth-place effort in dual moguls at the 2021 world championships in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Are Cassie Sharpe and Darcy Sharpe related?

Darcy Sharpe (born 9 February 1996 in Calgary, Alberta) is a Canadian snowboarder. He is a brother of Douglas Sharpe and Cassie Sharpe. He won a silver medal in men’s big air at the FIS Freestyle Ski and Snowboarding World Championships 2015. He won a gold medal in slopestlye at the 2020 Aspen X-Games.

Who are Justine Dufour parents?

Johane Dufour
Yves Lapointe
Justine Dufour-Lapointe/Parents

How long has Justine Dufour Lapointe skied?

In winning the Olympics, she became the youngest freestyle skiing Olympic champion ever at nineteen years of age. Dufour-Lapointe was the FIS World Cup rookie of the year for the 2010–11 season….Justine Dufour-Lapointe.

World Cup debut 11 December 2010 (age 16)
Teams 2 – (2014, 2018)
Medals 2 (1 gold)
World Championships

When did Justine Dufour Lapointe start?

age eight
Getting into the Sport: Started freestyle skiing at age eight to try to keep up with her sisters… Used to have to be bribed with chocolate to ski through the moguls one more time with her sisters…

Where is Cassie Sharpe from?

Calgary, Alberta
Sharpe is the reigning Olympic champion in women’s halfpipe after winning gold in Pyeongchang, South Korea at the 2018 Winter Olympics….Cassie Sharpe.

Personal information
Nationality Canadian
Born September 14, 1992 Calgary, Alberta
Height 174 cm (5 ft 9 in)
Weight 69 kg (152 lb)

Who is Cassie Sharpe?

Biography. Cassie Sharpe dominated the competition at PyeongChang 2018 to win gold for Canada’s first Olympic medal in women’s ski halfpipe. After taking the lead on the first final run, she laid down an even better second run, earning a score that couldn’t be beaten.

How many medals has Justine Dufour Lapointe won?

Justine Dufour-Lapointe

Medals 4 (1 gold)
World Cup
Seasons 8th – (2011–)
Wins 14

How many medals does Justine Dufour have?

Justine Dufour-Lapointe

Medals 4 (1 gold)
World Cup
Seasons 8th – (2011–)
Wins 14

What did Chloe give her sister after the Olympics?

But as one enduring Olympic image of heartbreak emerged, a second, more powerful one came shortly after. Chloe went to go give her sister what she’s always done: a nice pep talk, and a big, warm hug.

Are sister athletes Gabriela DeBues-Stafford and Lucia Stafford running in the Olympics?

Sibling athletes who share a sport — particularly high achievers — often operate in lockstep in their early careers. Gabriela and Lucia Stafford were no different, at least at first. Gabriela Debues-Stafford (left) and Lucia Stafford (right) will both run in the 1500 metres at the Tokyo Olympics.

Can Chloe and Justine add a fourth family medal at the Beijing Olympics?

With Justine adding a silver four years later in Pyeongchang, both her and Chloe had a chance to add a fourth family medal in Beijing this year.

Who are the Dufour-Lapointe sisters?

Under the watchful gaze of their mother who also acts as their manager, the three Dufour-Lapointe sisters have always been inseparable. Maxime made her freestyle World Cup debut in 2007, Chloé in 2008 and Justine in 2010, when she was aged just 16. Since then they have travelled and competed together across the globe.