Who is the guy in Daughtry Waiting for Superman video?

Who is the guy in Daughtry Waiting for Superman video?

The music video features Chris Daughtry, Thomas Dekker and Patrick Muldoon and was directed by Shane Drake. It was released on October 24. 2013. It features Dekker as a scruffy-looking man in a big city who seems to be able to sense when trouble is about to occur.

What song is Daughtry famous for?

# 1 – Over You. We have come to the number one spot on the Top 10 Daughtry Songs list. The number one song is the astounding “Over You.” This song is the fourth single taken from the marvelous debut album. This is an alternative rock ballad.

Who wrote Waiting for Superman?

Chris Daughtry
Sam HollanderMartin Johnson
Waiting for Superman/Composers

Is Daughtry still making music?

If you’ve been wondering what Chris Daughtry is up to these days, know that the singer still works in the music industry. While he’s done some acting, hosting, and has a fulfilling family life, music still seems to be a major priority.

What is the meaning of the song Superman by Daughtry?

Daughtry is using metaphors (Superman) This song is literally about a woman who’s waiting for her superman (real man or soulmate) who will love her, show her what real love is and give meaning to it. “Yeah he’s still comin’ just a little bit late.

Did Daughtry write ‘Waiting for Superman to pick her up?

“I remember walking into that session with Martin and Sam and he had this line, ‘Waiting for Superman to pick her up in his arms,'” recalled Daughtry to The Hollywood Reporter. “I had just gotten back from the Man of Steel premiere and I thought, of course the fans are going to be, like, he wrote a song about [the movie].

What is the meaning of the song Waiting for Superman?

She has faith in superman that he’ll come for her and she awaits that day he does. The song is about someone who is waiting for her “superman” to finally rescue her. She wants to find that man to love her like no other.

Who wrote Daughtry’s new song ‘Boys Like Girls’?

Daughtry penned the song with Martin Johnson, who is the frontman of pop-punk band Boys Like Girls, and with the songwriter-producer Sam Hollander, who has also worked with Gym Class Heroes and Katy Perry.