Who is the redhead in Snowpiercer?

Who is the redhead in Snowpiercer?

Annalise Basso might be young, but she’s already a Hollywood veteran. The 21-year-old actress currently co-stars opposite Jennifer Connelly and Daveed Diggs in “Snowpiercer” on TNT (Sundays at 9 p.m.), the small-screen adaptation of Oscar-winning director Bong Joon Ho’s 2014 movie of the same name.

Who played Eden Hamby on True Blood?

actress Annalise Basso
Eden Hamby is Jessica Hamby’s younger sister on the HBO original series True Blood. Played by American child actress Annalise Basso, Eden appears only on the episode “Keep This Party Going” in the series’ second season.

How old is Lilah Junior?

The 21-year-old plays First Class teenager Lilah Folger Jr – or LJ for short – in the show, which is set seven years after a frozen apocalypse on a 1001-carriage train which continuously circles the Earth.

Why did Melanie let LJ go?

Despite her pleas, she is found guilty by the tribunal and begins to sob. Fearing that LJ knows more than she is letting on, Melanie commutes LJ’s sentence due to her young age, allowing her to be released into the custody of her parents.

How old is LJ from Snowpiercer?

Does Layton find new Eden?

Layton had made up New Eden, and since he had no evidence of its actual existence, Melanie was not willing to risk everyone’s lives on a possibility.

How old is Sookie?

In the small town of Bon Temps, Louisiana, 25-year-old waitress Sookie Stackhouse struggles with being telepathic and not being able to control hearing the thoughts of everyone she sees. That is until 173-year-old vampire Bill Compton walks into Merlotte’s bar where Sookie works.

Who is Annalise Basso?

Annalise Basso is an American actor and model. Annalise Basso works both in movies and television as well. She is famous for her role in the movies like; The Good Time Girls, Captain Fantastic, Ouija: Origin of Evil, Nikita, etc. Annalise Basso was born on 2nd December 1998, in St. Louis, Missouri, United States of America.

Who are Annalise Basso’s siblings?

Annalise Basso was enrolled at the Campbell Hall School in Studio City. Siblings – Alexandria Basso (Older Sister) (Actress), Gabriel Basso (Older Brother) (Actor) Others – Louis Gabriel Basso Jr. (Paternal Grandfather), Judith M. Anderson (Paternal Grandmother) Annalise Basso is represented by Industry Entertainment Productions, LLC.

What size shoe does Annalise Basso wear?

Annalise Basso is of Italian, German, English and Irish descent. She is speculated to be wearing a shoe of size 6 (US). Her religious views aren’t known. Having starred in the Adam Sandler starrer fantasy comedy film, Bedtime Stories. Being cast in the role of Paulina Zander in the 2016 horror movie, Ouija: Origin of Evil.

What was Annalise Basso’s first movie?

Annalise made her film debut with 2007 film Ghost Image in the role of Susan Zellan. In 2008, Annalise guest appeared as Denise in the dramedy series Desperate Housewives. Annalise Basso’s workout routine and diet plan aren’t known.