Who is Volok Ilia?

Who is Volok Ilia?

Ilia was born in Kiev and for his education, he studied and graduated from Moscow Art Theatre School, where he took the acting class of Russian actor Aleksandr Kalyagin. Volok has appeared in more than 150 films and television programs.

Who did Mr Volok play in Air Force One?

In series 6 of “Friends”, episode 22 (“The One Where Paul’s the Man”), Mr Volok plays a Russian dry cleaner who claims to never have seen “Air Force One”. In this movie, Mr Volok plays the part of Vladimir Krasin.

Who is Volok kamarivsky in Battlefield 3?

The character Vladimir Kamarivsky in the Electronic Arts video game Battlefield 3 is modeled after and voiced by Volok. His life took an unexpected turn when after being a professional athlete, 3rd place at the world championship in rowing, he left to pursue acting at one of the most prestigious acting colleges, the Moscow Art Theatre School.