Who owns the Folio Society?

Who owns the Folio Society?

The company was founded in 1947 by Charles Ede, a book lover and is today owned by printing magnate Lord Gavron, who took over the company in the 1990s. Today the company employs some 80 people and publishes 50 to 60 new books a year, while maintaining a backlist of some 450 titles.

Is The Histories by Herodotus accurate?

While it is undeniable that Herodotus makes some mistakes in his work, his Histories are generally reliable and scholarly studies in all disciplines concerning his work (from archaeology to ethnology and more) have continued to substantiate all of his most important observations.

What is best version of Herodotus Histories?

I’d say clearly the best translation overall is Robin Waterfield’s (I don’t intend to promote Amazon, just show you the book I mean). It’s a not-too-literal paraphrase of the Greek text that reproduces very faithfully the meaning but not the form of the Greek.

What is the theme of Herodotus?

As tales of the nature of human power, the “digressions” speak directly to Herodotus’ core theme: the rise and fall of all empires, in particular the Persian Empire and its spectacular defeat by the much smaller Greek contingents in the Persian Wars.

Does the Folio Society still exist?

The Folio Society is a unique and proudly independent publisher. We make some of the most beautiful books in the world, available exclusively at foliosociety.com.

Does the Folio Society have a shop?

For many years the Folio Society had a bookshop in Holborn, London, but the bookshop closed in December 2016 when the company moved premises. Folio editions can be purchased only online through their website, by post or over the telephone.

Why is Herodotus criticized?

Herodotus has been criticized for his inclusion of “legends and fanciful accounts” in his work. The fellow historian Thucydides accused him of making up stories for entertainment. However, Herodotus explained that he reported what he “saw and [what was] told to him.”

Is Herodotus worth reading?

Herodotus is FUN to read. He is thought of as the Father of History and this important book demonstrates what our first historian attempted to do. It is full of wonderful stories that may or may not be true, but Herodotus did his best to confirm oral accounts from all sides.

Who translated Herodotus The Histories?

His writing is subtle and nuanced; the detail is a lot harder to unpack than it looks at first and poses a huge challenge to the translator. We now have two new English translations, which, with a third in preparation—by that doyen of translators, Peter Green —will bring the total since 1987 to seven.

Are Folio Society books worth anything?

Are Folio Society Books Worth Anything? Your Folio Society books will be worth something, but they aren’t traditionally bought as investments, collectors and readers have an affinity for the books. The easiest way to find out is by visiting our catalogue and browsing through our selection of folio books.

What is the summary of the histories by Herodotus?

Herodotus’ The Histories combines an exhilarating account of the defeat of the mighty Persian empire by a shaky alliance of Greek city-states with entertaining digressions, astonishing facts and scurrilous gossip.

How many copies of Herodotus are there?

Limited to 750 copies, each numbered by hand and signed by the introducer, the illustrator and the translator, this is the ideal Herodotus for the discerning collector. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

What is the first word in the histories of Herodotus?

In his original Greek text, the very first word of The Histories is Herodotus’ own name. Giving himself such prominence was extremely unusual for an ancient author and a deliberate act on Herodotus’ part.