Who played bass Katy Lied?

Who played bass Katy Lied?

Walter Becker
Meeting at Bard College in the 1960s, Donald Fagen (keys and lead vocals) and Walter Becker (bass and guitar) started some bands and ultimately set out as songwriters, initially in the mold of the Brill Building writers such as Carole King and Gerry Goffin.

Who played guitar Katy Lied?

The band – including future Toto members Jeff Porcaro and David Paich on drums and piano, respectively, as well as guitarists Larry Carlton and Rock Derringer, veteran drummer Hal Blaine and various professional jazz players – give Katy Lied a glossy coating that would earmark most Steely Dan songs for the next half- …

Who was in the original Steely Dan band?

Steely Dan
Associated acts Jay and the Americans Doobie Brothers New York Rock and Soul Revue Dukes of September Rhythm Revue Toto Larry Carlton
Website steelydan.com
Members Donald Fagen
Past members Walter Becker Jeff Baxter Denny Dias Jim Hodder David Palmer Royce Jones Michael McDonald Jeff Porcaro

Who played the guitar solo on Black Friday?

Steely Dan used various guitarists on the Katy Lied album, including Rick Derringer, Hugh McCracken and Larry Carlton. On this track, however, Walter Becker played the solo. He did it using the Fender Telecaster belonging to another guitarist who played on the album, Denny Dias.

Who plays the guitar solo on Your Gold Teeth II?

That was one area that Dias excelled in, even over Skunk. That ability is on full display here and ranks as one of the best (and unheralded) of all the great Steely Dan guitar solos.

Who sang lead vocals on Steely Dan’s Do It Again?

Steely DanDo It Again / Artist

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What happened to Steely Dan’s music?

The music of Steely Dan is now very much un-disappeared, with the help of the aforementioned litany of memes, the archival resource that is Spotify, and a now-immortal (and ubiquitous) clip from The Sopranos featuring James Gandolfini belting out one of their early hits.

What makes Steely Dan so special?

Even in their time, Steely Dan were one of rock’s most idiosyncratic outfits—they covered Duke Ellington, peppered their records with references to obscure spiritualist sci-fi authors, and foreswore the big-time arena rock touring circuit at their (and its) peak.

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