Who was the host of MTV game show Remote Control?

Who was the host of MTV game show Remote Control?

Ken Ober

Ken Ober
Died November 15, 2009 (aged 52) Santa Monica, California, U.S.
Alma mater University of Massachusetts Amherst (B.A., 1980)
Occupation Game show host, comedian, actor
Known for Host of Remote Control

Was singled out a real show?

Singled Out is an American dating game show created by Burt Wheeler & Sharon Sussman which originally ran on MTV from 1995 to 1998. Each episode featured a group of 50 singles competing for a date with one main contestant. The original hosts were Chris Hardwick and Jenny McCarthy.

When did jeopardy start?

March 30, 1964Jeopardy! / First episode date

Who is the oldest game show host?

Pat Sajak
Pat Sajak is extending his lead as the longest-running game show host in television history. On Tuesday, the “Wheel of Fortune” host celebrated his 40th anniversary as the face of the show.

Who invented the game show?

Bob Stewart, Inventor of Game Shows, Is Dead at 91 – The New York Times.

What is Singleout?

Definition of single out : to treat or to speak about (someone or something in a group) in a way that is different from the way one treats or speaks about others The coach singled out the players who played poorly. The reviewer singled her performance out for praise/criticism.

When did the first non-musical game show run on MTV?

This popular television game show ran on MTV from 1987 until 1990. The show involved three contestants answering trivia questions on the topic of television, movies, and music. Some of the questions were presented in a skit format. The series was developed by Michael Dugan and Joe Davola. This was the first non-musical show shown on MTV.

What is the history of MTV?

MTV is an American cable television channel which was the first television channel dedicated to music, music industry and history in the United States upon its founding in 1981. MTV Networks has since produced various original television shows, many of which concern genres unrelated to music. This is an incomplete list of MTV shows that have aired.

What are some MTV shows that have aired?

This is an incomplete list of MTV shows that have aired. Yo! MTV Raps (1988–95) Yo! MTV Raps Today (1989–92) Say What? Karaoke (1998–2003)

Who are some famous people who have been on game show?

Nipsey Russell – the “Poet Laureate of Television”, who occasionally presented some of his poems. Bob Eubanks – sat by host Ober for the entire main game, and “coached” him on how to host a game show. “Weird Al” Yankovic – came into the basement as a category/channel.