Who won TLC 2020 Roman Reigns?

Who won TLC 2020 Roman Reigns?

Roman Reigns conquered Kevin Owens at TLC 2020 to continue his run as the Universal Champion. The Big Dog faced stiff competition from Owens, who stepped up everytime Reigns climbed up the ladder. Reigns crawled close to victory after he slammed Owens through the table twice but Owens returned into the match.

Who won WrestleMania 2021 Roman Reigns match?

In the main event for Night 2, which was SmackDown’s main match, Roman Reigns defeated Daniel Bryan and Edge in a triple threat match to retain the Universal Championship….

WrestleMania 37
Brand(s) Raw SmackDown
Date April 10–11, 2021
City Tampa, Florida
Venue Raymond James Stadium

Is Roman Reigns still in WWE 2020?

Reigns stepped away from WWE when the COVID-19 pandemic began and did not participate in WrestleMania 36 in 2020 in his wish to keep himself and his family safe. He made his return to the SummerSlam in August.

Who won between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens?

Kevin Owens. WWE THUNDERDOME AT TROPICANA FIELD – Since the start of his rivalry with Kevin Owens, Roman Reigns has thrown KO from the rafters of the ThunderDome and beaten him in a TLC Match. Despite all this, Owens refused to quit his campaign against the brash Universal Champion.

Who is the new WWE Champion in TLC?

AJ Styles (TLC, WWE Championship)

Who won between Roman Reigns and Edge?

Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns beat Edge at Money in the Bank on Sunday night to retain the Universal Championship. Reigns owes a debt of gratitude to Seth Rollins, who not only attacked Edge midway through the match but also returned to distract the challenger.

Who will face Roman Reigns at Royal Rumble 2022?

WWE champion Brock Lesnar will look to retain his belt when he takes on former champ Bobby Lashley in a match nearly 15 years in the making. Plus, Universal champ Roman Reigns will face off with an old friend turned rival when he takes on Seth Rollins.

What is a TLC match in WWE?

When a Tables Match, a Ladders Match or a Chairs Match just won’t cut it, the next best option is to combine all three elements and engage in a TLC Match. For more than a decade, the Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match has presented itself as one of the most dangerous — and exciting — contests in WWE.

What is going on between Roman Reigns and Baron Corbin?

After enduring repeated attempts at ridicule and humiliation from King Corbin, Roman Reigns will finally get his hands on his royal rival in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match at WWE TLC. The issue between The Big Dog and Corbin has simmered for weeks with tensions seemingly escalating each Friday on SmackDown.

What happened at the first WWE TLC match?

That changed at the inaugural WWE TLC pay-per-view, when the evening’s only Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match featured then-champions Chris Jericho & Big Show defending against D-Generation X. Despite all four participants’ decorated careers in all types of extraordinary matches, this was the first TLC Match for all involved except Jericho.

Why is Roman Reigns targeting Dolph Ziggler and Roode?

Though Reigns won that match for Team Blue, it didn’t keep him safe from the King’s continued needling, be it a mocking Big Dog mascot or a derisive remix of Reigns’ theme music. With Corbin ducking his challenges, Reigns has instead targeted his frustrations at royal allies Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler.