Why did the Earth Minbari war start?

Why did the Earth Minbari war start?

The Earth-Minbari War began in 2245 when an Earthforce expeditionary fleet destroyed and heavily damaged other supporting vessels in the Grey Council’s fleet, killing the Minbari leader Dukhat.

Who were the first ones in Babylon 5?

The First Ones were a group of ancient races that achieved sentience billions of years before any of the “Younger Races”, such as the Minbari, Humans or Centauri.

What happened to John Sheridan?

Meanwhile Sheridan, about to be killed by the explosion, jumped off the balcony into a pit that was miles deep after hearing the voice of Ambassador Kosh instructing him to do so. When the capital city was destroyed, the Shadow vessels left Babylon 5. Sheridan’s colleagues realized that he was now dead.

Where did the Vorlons go?

The Vorlon homeworld was left abandoned following the Vorlon’s departure from the galaxy. One million years later humans – who had themselves evolved into energy beings and became First Ones in their own right – moved to the old Vorlon homeworld, renaming it as New Earth.

What is the Dilgar War?

The Dilgar War was a massive interplanetary conflict between the Dilgar and the League of Non-Aligned Worlds, which later gained the support of the Earth Alliance .

What did the Dilgar do to the League of Nations?

Dilgar tactics in this war were ruthless, including the destruction of entire worlds and the use of conquered races as subjects in their biological experiments. The League races were overwhelmed by the Dilgar assault and suffered heavy losses. The desperate league called upon the major powers for assistance and help.

How did the Dilgar War affect the Earth Alliance?

The immediate effect of the Dilgar War was to make the Earth Alliance a major galactic power; the League of Non-Aligned Worlds would for many years look to the Earth Alliance as its protector and benefactor. Earthforce began an immediate and rapid push to expand Earth’s sphere of influence.

Is Jha’dur’s offer to the Dilgar a threat?

“This isn’t a threat, we don’t want you to suffer, but we’re offering help to you, and a chance for you to help your people, isn’t that the whole point of you being here, to better our race?” It was. Jha’dur had always wanted the Dilgar to achieve a place of greatness at the head of the galactic community.