How Brihadeeswarar temple was built?

How Brihadeeswarar temple was built?

Brihadeeswarar temple, which is dedicated to Shiva, was built by Raja Raja Chola I. The construction was completed in 1010 which it means that the temple is more than 1000 years old. The structure is a proof of wealth, artistic expertise and power of the Chola kingdom.

What is special about Brihadeeswarar temple?

The temple has a massive colonnaded prakara (corridor) and one of the largest Shiva lingas in India. It is also famed for the quality of its sculpture, as well as being the location that commissioned the brass Nataraja – Shiva as the lord of dance, in 11th century.

Why was the Brihadeeswarar temple built?

This imposing structure was built by Raja Raja Cholan and his sister Kundavai, both ardent devotees of Lord Shiva. It was constructed by the King at the height of the Chola reign to signify his power and strength.

Who constructed the Brihadeeswarar temple?

Raja Raja Chola I
Brihadeshwara Temple, Thanjavur is in Tamil Nadu. It is one of the largest Temple in the southern part of India. It is built between 1003 and 1010 AD by Raja Raja Chola I in Dravidian architecture style. It is in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Why does Thanjavur temple have no shadow?

She said that it is true that the shadow of the Big Temple Thanjavur did not fall within the grounds. However, the Tanjore Big Temple did cast a shadow away from the main grounds, towards the periphery. One could not see it owing to the various trees covering the ground.

What is the importance of Thanjavur temple?

The Thanjavur temple is mainly dedicated to Lord Shiva because the Raja Raja Cholan is the ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. The great temple was built to signify the Chola’s brilliant achievements in architecture, painting, bronze casting and sculpture.

Who built the Big Temple of Thanjavur?

Kunjara Mallan Raja Raja PerunthachanBrihadeeswara Temple / Architect

What is the exact location of Brihadishvara temple?

/  10.78278°N 79.13167°E  / 10.78278; 79.13167 Brihadishvara Temple (originally known as Peruvudaiyar Kovil ), locally known as Thanjai Periya Kovil, and also called Rajarajeswaram, is a Shaivite Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva located in South bank of Cauvery river in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India.

What is the name of the temple in Thanjavur?

Brihadeeshwara Temple (Peruvudaiyar Kovil) is a Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva located in Thanjavur in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is also known as Periya Kovil, RajaRajeswara Temple and Rajarajesvaram. It is one of the largest temples in India and is an example of Dravidian architecture during the Chola period.

How old is the Thanjavur Brihadeeshwara temple?

1,000-year-old Thanjavur Brihadeeshwara Temple – view at sunrise. Dancers gathered at Brihadishwara Temple to commemorate it. Built in the year 1010 CE by Chola emperor Rajaraja I in Thanjavur, the temple is popularly known as the Big Temple. It turned 1000 years old in September 2010.

What is the significance of Brihadeeshwara temple?

The Brihadeeshwara Temple (also known as the Rajarajeswaram or RajaRajeshwara Temple), is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Erected by Raja Raja Chola I, it is a well-recognized example of superior Tamil architecture.