How do I change the time on my t7316e phone?

How do I change the time on my t7316e phone?

Using a M7310 or T7316 the right 2 buttons under the display are “NEXT” and “SHOW” respectively.

  1. To enter programming mode press “FEATURE” and “* * 2 6 6 3 4 4”
  2. Enter password (default = 266344) – display should read “Terminals & Sets”
  3. Press “NEXT” 5 times – display should read “Time and Date”

How do I program my Nortel phone?

PROGRAM FEATURE BUTTONS: To program any feature available on the NorStar system, press the feature button then press the star (*) button, then 3, then the button you want to program, then the feature button and the number of that feature (ex. Feature star (*), 3, button to program; feature 85 [for Do Not Disturb]).

How much is Nortel stock worth today?

ARTM – American Nortel Communications, Inc.

Previous Close 0.0250
Day’s Range 0.0250 – 0.0250
52 Week Range 0.0150 – 0.1172
Volume 38,031
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What is t7316e Telephone User Guide?

T7316E Telephone User Guide Page 65 IP Office – Issue 02d (25 June 2014) Redirecting Calls: Do Not Disturb 11.4 Twinning Twinning allow calls to you to ring at both your phone and at another number. The telephone system supports two types of twinning; internal twinning and mobile twinning. Internal Twinning

Does ip500v2 support the t7316e telephone?

1.1 T7316E On IP Office, the T7316E telephone is supported by IP500v2 IP Office systems running IP Office Release 7.0 and higher software. This guide is for IP Office Standard Version mode, separate user guides exist for other IP Office operation modes. Display Contrast17 21 18 22 SK1SKey 2SK3 19 23 20 24Speed Dial

How do I add additional programmable buttons to a t7316e?

On a T7316E phone you can add additional programmable buttons by attaching a T24 module to the phone. You can attach up to 9 modules, each module providing an additional 24 programmable buttons.