Is Little Dresses for Africa legitimate?

Is Little Dresses for Africa legitimate?

Little Dresses for Africa is a non-profit 501c3, Christian organization, which provides relief to the children of Africa. Simple dresses are made out of pillow cases, and distributed through the orphanages, churches and schools in Africa to plant in the hearts of little girls that they are worthy!

What is Dress a Girl Around the World?

Dress a Girl Around the World is a campaign to bring dignity to women around the world. Every girl deserves the dignity of owning at least one dress! Gather a group or do this as an individual and use your sewing skills to build sundresses. Patterns and guidelines can be found below.

What is little dresses for Africa?

The mission of Little Dresses for Africa is to honor little girls. Our goal is to plant in the hearts of little girls that they are worthy. Through these little dresses we establish relationships where other needs can be met through clean water, education and community. But no worries!

How does Nancy’s notions help little dresses for Africa?

Since her first interview in 2011, Nancy’s Notions has shipped your generous donations totaling 132,949 dresses and 5,449 britches to Little Dresses for Africa. Each year, Rachel leads a team to deliver the dresses. Ms. Lillian makes raglan sleeve dresses using a pattern given to her by Geraldine Lowery.

How do I Send my completed dresses to Africa?

Mail completed dresses to Little Dresses for Africa, c/o Nancys Notions, 333 Beichl Ave., Beaver Dam WI 53916-0683, and well ship the dresses to their destination. If you would like confirmation that your dresses have been received at Nancys Notions, please enclose a self-addressed stamped postcard.

What is a toddler dress made from?

Toddler dress made from a man’s shirt. I used Simplicity pattern #5695, but it may be out of print. Any peasant style dress or top pattern should work, then adjust the length.