What are the negative effects of texting and driving?

What are the negative effects of texting and driving?

Typing and reading text messages adversely affected nearly all measures of safe driving. Texting while driving produces visual, cognitive and physical driver distraction. A variety of countermeasures will be required to prevent texting and driving injuries and fatalities.

Why texting and driving is not safe?

Of all the activities associated with distracted driving, sending text messages is the most dangerous. A person is 23 times more likely to have a motor vehicle crash while sending a text message than if they were only driving. That number towers over the other activities associated with distracted driving.

What are the dangers of using cell phones while driving?

Cell phone use causes traffic crashes because a driver’s cognitive performance significantly decreases when they are using a cell phone. In fact, the use of a cell phone while driving increase the likelihood of getting into a crash by 400 percent.

How many car accidents are caused by texting?

General Cell Phone Statistics The National Safety Council reports that cell phone use while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes each year. Nearly 390,000 injuries occur each year from accidents caused by texting while driving. 1 out of every 4 car accidents in the United States is caused by texting and driving.

Who is affected by texting and driving?

Compared to adults: teen drivers are 4 times more likely to get into car crashes or near-crashes when talking or texting and driving. One distracted driving study found that “the prevalence of high-risk attention to secondary tasks increased over time among novice drivers but not among experienced drivers.”

How dangerous is texting and driving?

Texting and driving is one of the most dangerous forms of distracted driving. In fact, the average text sent or read in a car takes a driver’s eyes off the road for 5 seconds. 1 This is more than enough time to get in a life-altering accident. Stay Safe! Sign up for SafeWise’s weekly newsletter.

Is it illegal to text and drive with a DUI?

Texting & Driving Is Illegal. If you’d never drive drunk, then you’d NEVER text and drive—driving with a BAC of just 0.01% increases your chances of causing a car crash by 46%, according to a 2014 study. Moreover, texting while driving can put you at a higher risk for an accident than drinking and driving.

Is texting and driving a privilege?

Driving is a privilege because of the inherent risk and responsibility we all need to assume out on the road. When you choose to text and drive, you’re threatening every single driver around you—and placing more value on that text message than yourself and your fellow drivers.

How dangerous are cell phones while driving?

An alarming number of traffic accidents are linked to driving while distracted, including the use of cell phones while driving, resulting in injury and loss of life. The national statistics are sobering.